iBook “iMac To Go” Commercial

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ANSONCHEUNG299 Anson cheung says:

The Song Js Weird XD

doceigen says:

I still have two of these, an Orange one 366 mHz, and the Gray one with the 466 mHz processor and with Firewire.  Because of the Firewire interface, that iBook remained functional longer than the Orange one, but I think the Orange one looks pretty darn cool.  My question is… how come none of the modern Apples, even the mobile devices, have handles!?  The iBooks in this video have handles.

Kitty Fister says:

The little computers have the apple logo upside down, but the big one has it right side up… what gives?

lucas merlicek says:

apple would never produce such shit

Comedy Cubed says:

Nope. The Apple logo was upside down when opened on all Apple laptops until the Powerbook G4, where it was flipped so it was right side up when opened, but upside down when you went to open the computer.

ethan wot says:

Am I the only one who noticed the logo is upside down.

toocoolforu says:

Some people say it's beautiful, maybe at the time…
Now it looks horrible, the finishing is plain gross. Now laptops and specially macs are lazer cut and the build quality is a magnitude higher.

LyrixBomb says:

lol i still have one of these

Frefind says:

they look like toys…

ConfusedBatman says:


TM CHL says:

apple logo upside down 🙂

IRNBRU64 says:

THEY ARE NOT CHEESY! They are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! Oh God what I would do to get a slightly altered version of that design back!

HCkev says:

I like when Apple fanboys brag about their aluminium enclosure. While Apple was making those cheesy transparent plastic cases, companies such as Lian-Li were already making high quality aluminium PC cases for over a decade.

Adam Rankin says:

Flying computers I'm going to drink bleach

Aqwert76 says:

what's with that porn music

girlstorm09 says:

believe it or not i know of someone who still owns this computer as there main computer…..yikes O.O i doubt a 14 yr old computer would work that well…. she also has a TV from the 80s..and she is 24.

bellylaughing says:

I have the orange one. I wish they still came in such fun colors

Tomáš Vojtíšek says:

Schnell! 😀

silverxstar says:

Go away haters. It does NOT look like a toilet seat! Wait, but what does?? Oh, I know! Your face!

metallboy25 says:

Style ? It acctualy looks like a toilet seat xD

Allen Stepherson says:

idk wht they thought it would be cool to sell a clam with a keyboard in it…

William Bui says:

No cause it has Japanese words DUH

Jonas Venneker says:


AppleCoalition says:

I miss the crap that used to run on these pieces of dogshit.

AppleCoalition says:

Oh wow…you have screwbuntu.

samljer says:

ugly fukkin computers wow.
dont get me wrong, the insides are fantastic, but that plastic they wrapped it in
was an embarrassment.

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