iBook G4 Unboxing

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PowerON: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/PowerON-Deals__W0QQ_armrsZ1


12 inch iBook G4

1.33 GHz PowerPC G4


40 GB Hard Drive

Mac OS 10.4 Tiger

CD-RW/DVD-ROM ComboDrive

I just got my new iBook G4, and so far I’m really impressed. I paid $250 for it on eBay, and I’m very satisfied. I was considering Hackintoshing a netbook, but I’m glad I saved about $100 and all the hassle. Expect several videos on it soon as well.


TysTechHelpHD says:

Wow. Amazing. lol 

Tharen Candi says:

his accent has changed…

GtaModShowCase says:


Eric Kasey says:

+Austin Evans Wow!! This was the first video I’ve watched by you. I think I
first subscribed when I saw your “iPhone 5S What to Expect” video back in
early 2013. Maybe. 🙂 You’ve changed so much over the years as well as your
channel. Your my favorite. 🙂 

Nicholas Marques says:

Can u play mine craft on it


your voice is so different 

Aj Taylor says:

im getting this laptop for christmas thank you for the video

Max Harrison says:

WOW! you spend so much more money on your videos than you used toooo!

superjose96121 says:

Ordered mine 2 days ago and now it’s shipping! So excited! 😀

sonicandmrbob says:

@Smileyguyvsfamliyguy he is not poor, have you even looked at his videos?
Obviously not! He has more new tech then you most likely because thats his
job. So dont judge you rdmer

MacDaddyRandomosity says:

@marineman825 sorry if it was a late reply; but if it’s 933MHZ or more than

NerfYousif says:

want to stop trolling?

Darren Persad says:

This computer, and all PowerPC based Apple products, were discontinued by
Apple in 2005. However, you can still find them online and at used computer
stores and auctions all over; I’m currently searching for one myself to add
to my Apple collection.

CpVideoMaker101 says:

You actually can, look at my stress test video for proof.

Fraye Beyene says:

I bet you this idiot bought it just for the “really cool” styrofoam

andymlamm says:

@niloc1922 i just got one very fast comes pre loaded with snow
leopard…not as fast as newer macs but way faster then pcs

NerfYousif says:

hey, fuck u

Robby Crosby says:

watch his new videos.

anon mon says:

shit computer shit camera

Harold Patterson says:

Very nice ibook. I am thinking about buying an ibook g4 also off ebay. I
need it to take notes at the library. I have a Imac 27″ desktop as my main

karlology1 says:

@tccars114 me too!

Thomas Mather says:

it is amazing just how much youtube quality has improved over 3 years

John Cote says:

@element105ful I appreciate your opinion, but that is irrelevant to this
machine. It doesn’t handle any good well because of it’s outdates specs,
especially video card.

jwemt81 says:

They even sell them on Amazon now as well. I just ordered one for my mother
for only $124 preowned.

Mike Petrie says:

Thank goodness for technological advancements. xD

Madison Watts says:

I want this laptop!!!!

John Cote says:

@badassno1matthew IKR. Graphics probably wouldn’t be able to even render.

maccollectorZ says:

I want one so badly. 🙁 I would pay 100 dollars AT MOST for one that is
1.33 GHZ. (12 inch)

Michael Thompson says:

Nice looking iBook man. I have an iBook G3, but hope to pickup a G4 one day

William Butterick says:

@Dinobot2468 yea same

PlayBoyKid01 says:

nice your face fail has no camera kid

John Cote says:

@JKHALIN What do you mean my computer can barely run Minecraft? I have a
512 MB nVidia GeForce chip in my PC. Hell, it can even run on my MacBook
which only has a 128 MB Intel Graphics chip.

cjsnowdon says:

I now have a macbook pro, I miss my ibook, had it for 6 years 🙁

AmazingShotBros says:

You literaly suck cock for a living

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