iBook G4 tricks – Fix the crashing and using Dual Monitors!

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In this video I’ll walk you through 4 interesting little tricks for your iBook G4.

1) Many of the 2005 models suffer from a logic board problem that causes the computer to crash constantly with the screen in four languages saying “you need to restart your computer” Watch and learn how to work around this problem.

2) If you break the screen on your iBook, Powerbook, or MacBook, you can turn the computer into a small desktop computer.

3) If you want to run your computer with an external monitor but don’t want it going to sleep, you can unplug the reed switch.

4) You can use dual monitors with a program called Screen Spanning Doctor.


Francie Mc Cool says:

could always use a USB WiFi adapter

Awesomeman1987 says:

I once had a friend who had a 2006 MacBook that lost all the data on the hard drive. the tech couldn't even retrieve the data even after transferring the platter from the old hard drive over to a new one. ever heard of that issue on a mac? the guy said it was a common issue.

CollinG Tech says:

Now David and VWestlife both have a halftop

apple tech geek says:

i dont want to give up my wifi on the ibook how do i fix it

Jose Rodríguez says:

great video! but can you please help me on how to install bluetooth on my ibook g4? Because people had told me it should come with it. but when i checked on settings it says nothing about bluetooth.

Robloxs Xtremeguy says:

How does this guy get behind this desk? I can't seek a way of how he gets behind it.

The pi Guy says:

When u took the screen off it looked like a comedore 64

Chris J says:

I find a single web page maxes the CPU out 100% at least ad block plus isntalled.

Chris J says:

USB wifi?

Gil Serquillo says:

my ibook g4 has a problem with gray screen pls help me

Scrump The Lump ˆ says:

i use the second one with my macbook pro

Gil Serquillo says:

is there antivirus for mac os x 10.4.11 that can be download for free?

Putte MacGuff says:

Hi 🙂
I love this Channel 😛
I got the iBook G4 12" 1.07GHz and I have some problems with Crashing.
It can crash when I read Mail or just do somthing in finder.
Do you have any tips 4 me?

Ikab Iksnajnab says:

i dont have a iBook laptop but i have a crappy 2005 era lg laptop (i didnt even know that lg made laptops until i saw this)it had 1gb ddr2 ram and 1.40Ghz celeron m processor and it had a wifi card but it was broken so i replaced it put in 2 more gb ram (3gb total) and a pentium 2.26ghz procesor and since then it had been going to sleep when its not supposed to and its hindge for the screen

Zane Freeman says:

3:37 1280 x 1024 is NOT 1080p high definition.

Alex Cheer says:

Could you use a USB WiFi adapter to use wifi on those iBook G4 computers?

Lorenzo Skate says:

can you play on a iBook g4

Cecilia Terrile says:

What computers in the 90s did better than now?

Well, for starters, their bloody games came completed and didn't need months of patches to run properly! :P

Brayden.Bmx says:

how do you take the screen off????

maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) says:

I wish that there was a scaling option as well (either with S-SD or Mac OSX itself), as a 14-inch iBook G4 (which sadly has the same-resolution screen as a 12-inch iBook G4, if I am not mistaken) will run Tiger (but maybe fixed in Leopard?) at a scale that's a bit too large and doesn't make great use of that larger display.

Andrew Hay says:

How to how take the screen off an ibook g4

Filipe Lana says:

Hi there !
As this is your latest iBook G4 video, i'm going to ask here.
I received as a gift an iBook G4 (14", 1.33ghz, 512mb ram, 60gb, late 2004 i guess. and with a removable airport under the keyboard) from my cousin, who is liivng abroad and her G4 was in the shelf for a long time.
The screen is having some problems, seems no dead pixels, but colors are all gibberish, garbage.
I filmed a video showing the problem.

People said it could be the flat cable, that i should obtain one from another machine, and from my researches i found that could be the solder points in one chip or the bga soldering of the gpu.
What upgrades you advise to make on this model ?
I know i could change the 256mb ram stick for a 1gb, for a total of 1.25gb of ram. Are there any other feasible ?
Overall the conservation and looks of it are very well, and as a somewhat retro tech lover, i would like to get mine working well… I would love to have the latest ppc portable Mac available, is there much a performance gap between mine and the latest Powerbook Aluminum 1.67ghz, maxed out ?

Thanks in advance !
And love your videos !

Abomagoonios Entertainment says:

Trick #2 kinda reminds me of the Apple II and the TAM in a way

Domen Vinko says:

aaa futurama m8

Ryan McDaniel says:

Hey where can i purchase your products? i am really interested in a G4 macbook and possible desktop peripherals such as older apple displays. i hope to hear from you soon

-Ryan McDaniel

AG tech&gaming says:

Hey Ibookguy I was planning buy a MacBooks air 2015 know the I seen all your videos About old computers and software I'm just going stay with my 2009 MacBook Pro

How To Become... says:

Can you like do a pc build with like modern pc parts e.g. i7 5980x

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