ibook G4 Review

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I got a macbook about 8 months i got this laptop. and i gotta say the macbook is way better lol.


Communist Hater says:

Some idiot asked does it have a web cam??You fricking kidding???Its a g4 dumbass.

Communist Hater says:

You say u only had it for a couple days already saw some cracks on the body,,maybe im seeing things,i bought one on ebay for 45$ plus shipping,works great,of course its 8 years old,but anyway,good luck selling it for that price your asking,obvisously lower in 2014.,

ThatGuyfroMiami says:

How much did you pay for this??

TheVintageStuffGuy1998 says:

He opens up the airport/ wifi menu then, sudden;y an earthquake strikes the house shaking the camera uncontrollably……

Connor Murphy says:

there is no ibook g5 are wondering about the g5 imac

puggster says:

Not really but depends on which browser you use, there is one i cant remember the name off the top of my head but its specifically designed fir the g4 and works very good, even on youtube!

Hannah Gibson says:

@VentyStrech how do you make your icons at the bottom like jailbroke almost??

doctorferret says:

hahaha look at that idiot replying to his own comment.

doctorferret says:

Nevermind. I read below comments.

doctorferret says:

I was wondering, Is the internet very sluggish? I heard some people say that.

Ian Bamberger says:

There is not G5 iBook. There used to be a PowerMac G5 which is desktop machine. ANd yes.

ambar reyna says:

Is the g5 good for a student who just needs to use Microsoft and web browsing for research?

CpVideoMaker101 says:

It runs great. Skype video is great too. I had a kernal panic once in a video call .-. But other than that, it runs great. Video runs great when you run in HTML5 or 240p flash on youtube. 640X360 runs great in quicktime/vlc

Admiral Ackbar says:

No fucking shit the macbook is better

Euro System says:

i have that same samsung monitor 😀

mark toloji says:

darker icons! come on you pinhead

Cristopher Villicana says:

I kinda agree with you 😛

CpVideoMaker101 says:

I have one of these, and it's my school computer. It runs perfectly fine with spotify, Halo, Tony hawk…, uTorrent, TenFourFox, OpenOffice, N64 Emulator, VLC, Skype, MacTube, Audacity, iLife '06, PS1 Emulator, and running 10.5.8 with 512MB of RAM.


its cause you got a used piece of shit

dmarz XDaXDon says:

lol and jackoff on the couch

Thomas Marxsen says:

the base doesn't matter when you got beats

TringleMyPringle says:

Would this work just for internet, youtube etc.. I may get one for like 30- 40 bucks just to use with my schools wifi at school. I have a pc for gaming and home use.

Theunkown1 says:

Wow you really don`t know anything about this iBook G4 you couldn`t even name the ports if you don`t know anything about this Notebook maybe you shouldn`t make a review about it just saying cause a lot of people will ask you question and it would be a shame if you gave out the wrong facts.

DacodaCourtney says:

Does World of Warcraft lag a lot?

Darren Persad says:

I don't believe Microsoft "stole" Front Row when they made Windows Media Centre for Windows Vista, I believe this only because they've had Windows Media Center since around 2003 – the year that they released Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Editon '04. If you believe that it was released in '04 it was actually released around the end of '03. Tiger's Front Row app rolled around in either mid 2004 – early 2005,

Jenny L. says:

You actually play WoW on that thing?

RiverJordan127084 says:

I bought mine for 60$ on eBay.

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