Ibook G4 Problem

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hey guys, i was just playing warcraft on my ibook then the sreen went black. i thought i broke it, then it started to mess up. Now i learned that for sumreason i cant run my ibook off the battery. i tried switching batterys with my G3 battery but nothing difrent happend.


Walnut Spice says:

It was a dead CMOS battery. Perfectly normal for a computer coming on 10 years old.

Trevor Skupien says:

common problem with ibook g4's
about half the one at my school do this do.
the battery shows full but it wont work with only a battery.

Jacob Nimeh says:

Not an expert, just also have an iBook g4

Jacob Nimeh says:

I think I noticed when you said the source was wall plug, I figured out that meant it only runs off the wall I guess. You may have to somehow change it to recognize the battery more. 

Deluuuxe says:

Don't be cheap and upgrade to an iBook pro 

Matthew “LolzMajorasMask” Bawie says:

You have limeware? …..

BSPMinecraft says:

May be a problem with the logic board. Send to Apple

Thomas Howes J.r. (T.J. Howes) says:

There is an update u can download from apple to fix the firmware on the battery or just get another battery

Carrie r zook murray says:

can anyone tell me if its possible to retrieve items from trash

Connor Murphy says:

That HAPPEND to my PowerBook G4 on the bus

Johnny Ferguson says:

Who's. my math teacher must of ensues it to u

NJGcomedy says:

New Akku ? This is so Old Akku

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