iBook G4 – Hard Drive Replacement

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Watch as Jeff performs surgery on his iBook G4, replacing the stock 40 GB hard drive with a new 5400 rpm 60 GB hard drive, using instructions from www.ifixit.com. The whole operation took less than 90 minutes, and only one screw was missing at the end (luckily the screw didn’t matter too much).

The computer booted up immediately after Jeff restored the information from the old hard drive to the new using Mac OS X’s Disk Utility and an external 2.5″ USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure.

The operation required a #0 phillips screwdriver, a Torx T8 screwdriver, and a mini flat screwdriver and putty knife to help pry open the case.


Jeff Geerling says:

Sorry, wish I still had the iBook, in which case I could re-do it slower. Judging by the number of dislikes, I shouldn't have done a time-lapse…

Paul Sheraton says:

now do it again slower please

George Fons says:

Stupid video, is too fast to show how to take it aparat and switch the HDD

fixplanes says:

wow this didn't help anything

rolitas6 says:


boyuchuadaniel says:

@Skatemore1243 the dvd drive uses a sata connector. so, plug the drive into a pc/mac(as long as you gove it power, that will be fine). then, make sure that you can hear the drive spinning. then, take two credit card and sitck it in. one on the top, one of the bottom and pull it out. or you can use a pair of tweezers if you don;t have two credit cards. or another difficult way is to unscrew the dvd drive until you can see the disc and eject the disc

Joseph Thiery says:

I can't believe Apple designed the ibook this way. I'm glad they've made their newer models more serviceable.

Pigeon.Simulator says:

im eating my dinner!

Xiolablu3 says:

Absolutely incrediblely bad design. I could replace this in a PC in 3 minutes. Awful Awful things

__ty94__ says:

I have an iBook G4 and it crashed, but I have a DVD stuck the disc drive, and the computer won't start up, how do I open it to get the the disc??

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