iBook G4 12″ Disassembly Repair – Top Case Removal

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A guide on how to remove the top case assembly in a 12 inch iBook G4. Visit http://www.powerbookmedic.com/mac-repair.php for more repair guides.


HidazArts - Hidaz L. says:

Thanks! I actually need to take off my LCD since it no longer works. This is safe right?

miles unhookedschnook says:

Thank you my ibook is broken and i just did this for a bit of fun

Powerbook Medic says:

@brisas361 – You likely have a problem with your logic board .

brisas361 says:

Hi, I own a G4 Ibook 1.33 GHZ, 12 inches, yesteday it shut down normally, today I try to turn it on but no screen boot *black( only the fan running, if there any thing trouble shooting I can peform to know what may be wrong. thank you.

Powerbook Medic says:

@leenevin2 – If the model number is the same, then it will be compatible.


my ibook G4's logic board is dying 🙁

johnet58 says:

Small world my mate Kitz comes from Saskatchewan.
But he now enjoys the Aussie sun.
MMMMMmacs even old buggers are well worth giving a transplant too.
This old g4 machine is cranking, new HD, optics, , screen, and all scrounged from bits of dead Macpuffs from ebay and for next to zot after dropping it off the car roof.
Cant wait to pull the new one down it amazes me.
Thanks Macuser

johnet58 says:

Good clean voice and video.
I needed this, if only to be shocked in finding out how to get to the dc input card.
OMG its under everything arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Thanks for the info

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