iBook G3 – Getting the Most out of your iBook

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In this video, see how to upgrade the RAM (PC-100) in your G3, add an Airport Card (802.11-b), and pick the best browser. See comparisons with Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Camino. See better ways to watch youtube videos and deal with flash problems. see how to disable parts of OS X Tiger that you don’t need like dashboard, spotlight, and icon preview. Also see a firewire iSight camera attached running iChat, and watching DVD Movies.


Anal Prolapse In My Bum When I'm Filled With Cum By Onii-Chan And His Friends While I'm A Cumdump says:

From the sides he looks like a mole rat

QuarioQuario54321 says:

Now, both Panther(2003) and Tiger(2005)are extremely obsolete, and it's just worthless today.

Nathan Jennings says:

2:50 VLC is my fav media player regardless of operating system. I use VLC on Windows 7 and Linux Mint, and used it when I had a refurbished iMac (2009 Yosemite). WMP and Quicktime can piss off.

Deleted Account says:

this might be dumb but I'm buying a g3

Mark Stapleton says:

lol 'modern world' this is from2009

Po Lu says:

I run Jaguar. Its super fast

Connor Matthews says:

"I don't know anyone who uses it"
Everyone I know uses Spotlight as their main method of launching applications in OS X. XD

MonkeyFace says:

Hard to give you 5 stars ever since 2010, sorry mate.

victronex says:

6/5 stars even!

PikaChuChuJelly says:

And even today, the Wii U uses a PowerPC G3 processor.

Alex Ivensky says:

Ah, 2009. A time when 512 megabytes of PC-100 RAM was enough to do anything… Also a time when I was 5 and didn't understand what PC-100 RAM was…

FregenDied says:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thanks for the details

Robloxs Xtremeguy says:

Why are you such a Futurama fan? I am a fan of The Simpsons, the same guy who created Futurama.

MaKeWaY TogETher says:

hi i really need somebody to help me ,i got recently ibook 2003 in 10.3 ,it fully working ,i changed i internet provider to wep ,i fully loading pages and all but youtube videos and sites really badly scripted ,what can i do to my ibook to upgrade really ,that it can fully function in our day ,is that possible ,please assist thank you

Ceramic Bunnah says:

white and nerdy is my second fav song

Retrostevie Gaming says:

I need this laptop in my life.

Onur Gunduz says:

The good old star system…

Jacob Nimeh says:

YouTube stopped supporting mactubes now

Josh Wheatstone says:

How u get YouTube old layout

ShadowMaster77 says:

So this thing has adblock before it was a thing? (I don't use it btw)

Unusualrule says:

Does this video apply to the g3 clamshell?

Collin Brandt (redsn0w77) says:

there is a program called TenFourFox… that works too

mav6771 says:

You can tell how old this video is. Considering you can buy 512 MB of PC-100 ram for less than $10 now xD

Domen Vinko says:


Matthew28845 says:

How do I determine if my iBook has a DVD drive?

minecraftman 03 says:

my g3 has 640 mbps ram 128 built-in and 512 installed by me

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