iBook G3 Clamshell Review

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Yay, 1,000 views! I review the iBook G3 Clamshell. By the way, I have put Tiger on this since making the Video.


Koolio Jackson says:

Will you be willing to sell me it email at macantoshfanman@gmail.com

Apple Inc. says:

Just get on off eBay

bebook2012 says:

Get the newest you can get tiger

w123luke says:

I dont have one I have a late 2008 aluminum macbook XD

IAmMinecraftGod says:

can u get wi-fi?

IAmMinecraftGod says:

you have a bearded dragon yay!

IAmMinecraftGod says:

i have a netbook i am so sad it sucks

Kashaku3 says:

Holy shit its Michael Cera!!! O.o

bdstrelkov says:

What is Craigslist

cheesewheel19 says:

I'm fixing one of these in my IT class at school but i can't seem to get it to turn on period. Have you had any problems with charging or with the PSU? I really want to get it working for my own use.

JonnyInfinite says:

windows 7 is great, i'm getting one of these for my kid. Carpet needs a hoover..

Kaleb Colorado says:

so shut up lol

CID70able says:

no more than $100

ABaconedNarwhal says:

How much should I buy for one of these on ebay?

HeadmasterFox says:

I love your lizard btw.

HeadmasterFox says:

I have a graphit iBook, but its the older 366Mhz model. You can tell the difference easily, the faster harder to find one has firewire, the older graphite, the one i have, does not have firewire. Thats pretty much the big dead give away there. You see firewire, its a higher end most likely.

Koolio Jackson says:

r u looking to sell this ibook

nicky safavian says:

glad you hit 1000. congrats buddy. hey does it have 512 megs of ram yet?

Theunkown1 says:

@stevenxbox360playsta Some iBooks have Wifi depending the model

Jacob Dongon says:

he reminds me of super bad(movie)…

TheToby505 says:

when he said ibook i first thought he said ibrick

Geoff Bruno says:

Nice! These special edition ones are hard to find!

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