iBook Commercial

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You turn my whole world around! We discuss the original iBook on the RetroMacCast at www.retromaccast.com


JOSE says:

Does anyone know the title of that song?


This is fake

speeddjs1 says:

Hello IBOOK, U got your apple logo upside down

TheSuperTran says:

Hate to admit, but looks really cool. If I knew how to use computers during that time, I would've bought this thing in a deadbeat.

Pfahli94 says:

I didnt know, that Apple and vTech released a device together

poiiihy says:

im on the obsolete part of utube again.

ö. . , says:

Looks like fried egg!

TheIcecreambangbang says:

it looked like iMac G3

Kevin Moondust says:

@Chris242tt But it's RISC. Besides, you'd still beat someone who owns a 400Mhz Pentium II M Compaq laptop or something.

Trung Tín Edgar says:

I got to admit. This thing is gorgeous

BattlefieldHardcore says:

When I was little I used to think these computers were shit! Now the macbook comes out and I'm thinking wow did they ever evolve!

RetroMacCast says:

@Hordiyevych That's the way Apple used to make their notebook computers. They were upside to other people but right-side up when the user opened it up.

Boogster Su says:

1999: iBook computer
2010: iBooks for iPhone/iPad

See the similar name to it?

snower5554 says:

omfg clamshellz!

Max C says:

Mac=A giant block of metal

See the analogy here? Cheese has holes? Metal doesn't? …

cackerrrc says:

to the haters that mark down my comments,I think mac is a good OS i just don't like the fact that they keep upgrading their software.

Max C says:


Max C says:

It's better than Windows, leaving hundreds of holes in their operating systems.

cackerrrc says:

one thing that sucks a bout mac is they upgrade their os like every year.

shinydimepoductions says:

Wrong as you could be, Vista has so many viruses, security errors, it sucks, it has no ease of use.

Get a mac or get your identity stolen by key loggers or viruses

win95sux says:

Vista is better than Macs

Nikifuj908 says:

Orkmorkablork! Wogga munk goojoo! Ploffsnokky! ™£¢™¢™¶ª¶ª§ª∞¢•§ª¶ƒ∆©˚∂∆ƒ˚ƒ∂˚˙¬˙©ƒ∂†ˆ®! In otherwords, you've said that 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one septillion) times already! SHUT UP!!!

Hiss… you… had…better……..

dickcheney6 says:

that was the mac golden age in my opinion. WHY doesn't any thing come in that many different colors anymore? cmon theres like 3 colors for the gameboy and the ds when there used to be like 8!

patmysterio21 says:

gay commercial

ClassicGarth says:

It's weird to see Barry White singing about toilet seats. (Just kidding, sort of!)

iamdigitalman says:

Sweet. I actually like the original ibook intro video. if I can find it, i'll add it as a video response.

I also just got a 500mhz icebook to replace my pismo. They really are cute machines.

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