iBook Clamshell G3 Unboxing

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In this video, I re-unbox my iBook Clamshell G3. This is the indigo model and it has FireWire. In the old unboxing I mentioned that I was the first person on YouTube to have the iBook in the original box. I think that I am still correct about this.


Owen Dyke says:

never mind

Owen Dyke says:


Arix Moore says:

Would you be willing to sell it? :3 I love the clamshell design :3

hittyhitmon says:

And mine is getting the puke mose

JonnyInfinite says:

why oh why do people say OS ‘exx’? That’s like calling Rocky 6 Rocky

MCookieIsTooBoss4You says:

Does it still work? Why doesn’t it turn on?

TheBNNnews says:

Everything I said just flew right over your head. I JUST said that the
iBooks have a SPECIAL hinge design, allowing it to shut closed. What I was
saying is that there is NO magnet on the lid, like some people think there
is. How late is it for you?

flirtwd says:

I had the same one, used. The letter “i” on the keyboard stopped working
and then all types of stuff stopped working. Trashed it. Had the original
flower power iMac for about 8-9 years. Never a fucking problem. That’s a
mac for you. But the speakers stopped working, it took longer to boot up
and the cd drive would take forever to eject a disc. Trashed it.

mjd7999 says:

Actually, you could get it with a 24× CD-ROM drive or 4× DVD-ROM drive

mjd7999 says:

Yes, it still works. The battery was dead in the video so I could not turn
it on.

Megareptileboy2 says:

And the extra specs on the box are bugdom and nanosaur, they are just
random games that is installed onto mac os 9:)

Michael Schildroth says:

Bugdom, Nanosaur, and Cro mag rally were the best games of all time when
they came out. Still play them sometimes to this day!

hittyhitmon says:


Paws Fox says:

the Indigo only came with a CD-ROM drive i believe.

coolretrogames says:

bugdom, nanosaur and cro mag my good man

Megareptileboy2 says:

Like the video I have been waiting a long time for a review with the
original box thanks for that dude:)

TheBNNnews says:

Apple’s clamshell iBooks don’t have magnets for the screens. I forget what
these hinges are called, or how to explain them, but it’s the way the hinge
is designed that keep it closed. No magnets. They use this on a lot of
Windows laptops today that are too cr@ppy to actually have a magnet.

Matthew Cragg says:

Good old laptop!

mjd7999 says:

It’s not for sale, sorry.

mjd7999 says:

because people want to

JonnyInfinite says:

just sounds lame, it’s OS ten! Anyway, i’m in the process of building one
of these up..

mjd7999 says:

Thanks 😀

JetFilms Inc. says:

So you think I can have that email me ASAP

George McIntyre says:

I miss nanosuar

hittyhitmon says:

I’m getting key lime

Vincent Brunet says:

awesome, you have the Box !!

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