I Make an iPad PRO Car Kit

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Today I’m making an iPad PRO mount for my car by cutting up a bunch of existing parts. Is this iPad 19 inches?.. 16 inches? 14?… oh 12 inches..

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Matthew Deinhardt says:

Bad video editing.

renge99O9 says:

$1200.00 bucks for a plastic ipad installation bracket? Almost as incredibly stupid as this video.

TechTyler says:

This guy isn't even funny, he's a dick.

TechTyler says:

Where did he hear that the iPad Pro is 19"? LOL

Jeremy Simpson says:

If any one is looking for one of these please hit me up… I love mine for my 2010 F150 but i sold the truck and the new owner wanted the old head unit put back in. I would be willing to sell it for half of what i bought it for .

Llewellyn Anthony says:


Anthony Webber says:

if the iPad pro isn't big enough, try the 18.4" Samsung Galaxy view lol

Madalin Anton says:

08:38 track id ?

Alimuddin shaikh says:

annoying fuck

fred D. Yanqui says:

what a ugly shet..

MrExclusive9900 says:

Double D's are for __ and __. Hahaha.

Troy Power says:

Busted a gut watching this….man, you should team up with Bill Burr for a podcast….hahahaha

Jonathan Cherkawi says:

Can this work on 2014 Mercedes Benz C Class 250?

Carlos Staggers says:


pmm4177 says:

you can put a tablet in any car, watch mighty car mods, they'll show you step by step how to do it without trying to sell you junk and they are actually funny

GNP Maintenance says:

got the pro kit yet?

Guilherme Mitrut says:

19 inches.. ?? no way man…

gto loco says:


Aldomoro Nelson says:

dude you corny, that's why I unscribed to your Channel.

Mario TowTruckin says:

??? Miss & Love you guys

misirali185 says:

dude why dont you make a proper video rather than stupid videos that makes sense and showing how you make the item than showing you face
checkoutother peoples mske decent videos

Karrotten LP says:

When you sayed Hey Siri my IPhone Opend Siri

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