I Got A 2004 iBook G4 in EXCELLENT condition!

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These “clean” iBooks ar ejust not easy to come by, but I got one!


Layne Brown says:

I just picked up this exact same machine in very nearly the same condition for $25. Battery holds a 2hr charge and all.

ifrit05 says:

Lol at the Banana Stand reference.

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

aww I can't believe how small that trackpad is… now they're huge!

Plants and Games says:

I had a bad experience once trying to upgrade the cd drive on a G3 ibook. It basically broke apart when I opened it. I went ahead and brought a G4, which later died due to motherboard failure. Evidently they are prone to solder cracks. I opted to sell it as a parts computer because of the nightmare I endured before. You are right, they are no fun to work on. My next laptop was a refurbed HP G71-340us which still works to this day, though the fan is dying. I did open it once to glue some broken USB ports and clean the fan. It was much much easier than the ibook.

Nick Wood says:

you said ibook g3 but the video title is ibook g4???

MarzNet256 says:

I have this exact model. Bought it new in 2004. Still works but is limited now. I use it mostly as a firewire "charger" for my first gen 5GB ipod. A 2008 15" macbook pro unibody is my daily driver.

cutemimi25 says:

Did you ever get a charger for the iBook G4?
"I'm asking if you ever gotten it charged, it's not like I'm interested"

Denis F. says:

Is youtube smoother now that it uses HTML5 over FlashCraplayer ?

Le Docteur says:

I found that these laptops work better with 10.4.11 with Classic rather than with 10.5

KG V says:

I have one, the outside case has buffs and scratches on it and the bottom of the case has permanent marker writing on it. However on the inside EVERYTHING is literally perfect. However it only has 512 mb of memory. Thats the only issue… could anyone give me a link to a website (so I could possibly flip up the keyboard and upgrade the ram.)

Marryann Claritan says:

I was at a flea market and found this stand that had a bunch of old torn up laptops and towers. most of them were old beat up dell latitudes and such like that. I found a 12 inch ibook g4 with 1.50 gb ram and 1.40 ghz g4 processor. it is in as good of con dition as the one in that video I asked the guy how much he was asking 10.00$ and it works great just had to get a charger

DeLtaXxGun GameZ says:

Nice find! got a 2007 black macbook with barely any wear, (on the corner of the screen case)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 ghz
160 GB hdd
2 GB ram, (normally 1 GB ram, you probably already know this because I think you've found one. Not sure.)
Mac OS 10.5.8 w/ updates on Safari, Java, EFI firmware, etc.
12.3 inch screen.
And the macbook I got was barely used!!! and got it for free from my dad's neighbor in Parker, CO!
I'm currently installing Windows 7 on it!

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