I Bought Apple’s New $300 Book

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Think The New MacBook Pro is Expensive? How About The NEW $300 Book From Apple! Designed By Apple in California

I Got It Here: http://goo.gl/l27Aho


Jeared Antinarelli says:

hold on

he just said

"oh this is the Mac tower case pretty cheap, only $5200 a piece." like it was nothing. and its just the case. That shit better be made of fucking angels.

NoxiousFilmsGames says:

When Apple have no more idea for a device ???????

Amonny says:

What a waste of paper.

JustAverageMC Motion Designer says:

Thank you for saving are money by showing us with the ibook

Brodie Dooley says:

huh they're missing all the gadgets they stole from…

MLG DutchMan says:

what about the macBOOK

Moksha Sarup says:

yes I don't HV to buy it now!?

Zachary Girot says:

That's cool but not $300 dollars cool

Alex groves says:

I cannot IMAGINE spending 300$ on that! Just crazy!

Naf Ahm says:

Why are USB cables connected to a bin??

G- ortiz says:

Waste ur money, suck!

Colten Deyoung says:

I love Apple products, but I would not be caught dead spending $199 USD for a book of fucking pictures that can easily be found on Google (or on this video). What an illogical choice of purchase.

Dominic Lowrey says:

some people are stupid. you can look this up on Google for free

Doc The Dreamer says:

I think the guys at apple are geniuses. I mean its unbelievable that they have managed to brainwash so many people into buying anything they put their logo on it no matter how outrageously overpriced it is.

Alex And Iván Bros says:

So neat dude

Autism is Uncontrollable says:

A little bit pricy?! Its a fucking picture book for 300 dollars.

MasonEditz says:

$300 for a few fucking pictures?!

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