HQ iPod + ITunes Ad – ColdPlay

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cp4eva89 says:

5 years now, it's been? And still the best iTunes advert, hands motherfucking down.

luckyoneimnot says:

HAHAHAHHHAAHAHA sooo true :'D i laughed so hard OMG

already8use says:

first time i actually fall madly in love with coldplay EPIC TIME

xxvamp03xx says:



I swear this is probably the GREATEST mess I ever seen I cant get enough of it

ILOVEROCK290 says:

the awkward moment when the commercial is better than the official video

seavidae777 says:


ColdplayというイギリスのバンドのViva la vidaという曲です。

thegman10101 says:

I think the real video should have been exactly like this

00Kie00 says:

Probably one of, if not my favorite commercials ever.

PrestigeWorldwide341 says:

this commercial was the greatest!!

dylan6480 says:

this commercial is the reason i was so obsessed with the song, would have been better if the entire music video was like this.

baratbball says:

I remember being immediately addicted to this song after I saw this ad for the first time.

NIRATAMA24 says:


matressking says:

Funny how this commercial was better then the actuall vid. :/

hiroppehinappe says:

no1 itunes ad for me

justin williams says:

@SoaringHighIsCool hahaha you've ruined this ad for me forever xD

justin williams says:

@Tiffawesomeness totally.

Jeffrey S says:

I remember when this song came out, I remember watching this commercial in 2008. I thought it was the coolest shit, now I listen to 80s thrash metal to 80s glam metal. And this is not gay, from a musicians stand point, this is genius song. All the dynamics are there, the melodies are perfect. So if your just one of those guys that are only open to one band or one genera of music, of course you wouldn't dig this, I'll tell ya though after I let go of only listening to Metallica, and took influen

violentjett says:

Coldplay sux donkey dick. Sorry to break it to you.

arthas leal says:

@TheShakinnotstirred LOL actually there's some ppl who can see, it's called synesthesia syndrome

Dan says:

the advert that changed my life!
RIP Steve Jobs 🙁

Knight Jent says:

Honestly, this was the commercial that made me realize Coldplay is awesome! 😀

Tiffawesomeness says:

this is still my favorite apple ad.

CaptainPriceLives says:

The music video should have been just like this commercial.

Brenda Nolasco says:

best ipod commercial ever

theBigOGE65 says:

why don't they make commercials like this anymore. I like these better than the current ipod commercials

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