How to Use iTunes : How to Sync an iPod With iTunes

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Got a new iPod? Learn how to sync an iPod with iTunes in this free iTunes video lesson taught by an iPod and iTunes expert on music downloads.

Expert: Drew Noah
Bio: Drew Noah has been working for various websites for over five years. He uses the internet and email everyday for both work and pleasure.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah


Kathy Roark says:

How long can it go? I just wanna put a song on my ipod dude!

William Casey says:

If your ipod says go to itunes to restore ipod . Go to itunes. select help. Find your ipod serial number. It is on the back or on menu settings about. In Help select have Apple call you. Enter serial number and id info and click call me . They will walk you through how to re sync your songs.

biggiebuffaloboy says:

thanks bro, your vid surely helps!

Underwater Anna says:

i have the old classic ipod and i have connected it to my mac but my ipod screen keeps on showing the 'dont disconnect' thing and not let me sync.

Sophia Alas says:

I have a white iMac and an iPod classic can I still download music due to the white iMac being out of date

Priscilla Aquino says:

i cant click on the ipod

Dave Elger says:

Doesn't help me- I don't have that left hand column. Only the library of song titles. 

Gary wheels bmx says:

thank you i have been working on this all day 
i love you 
no homo 

AidanwalkerVEVO Channel says:

good because my ipod is not charging because im using my computer

brianna clarke says:

The new iOS fucks everything up


There is no device icon

mosquito1832 says:

so how can I sync my ipod with my new laptop's itunes without losing the songs in ipod?

Brian C says:

This video is Obsolete this was uploaded before i cloud 

Brayan Fabian says:


chris flanger says:

Thank u for this video every one else's is too complicated
🙂 p.s I thumed up

Charles Ashby says:

i was wpondering what to do since when i went to download music to itunes, it only downloads like 352 songs and the rest it doesnt download and it deletes 5 out of the 8 GB of music i have

Tanner Haak says:

That's Not original at ALL.

thmadxbox360gamer says:

i named my computer hardrive dat ass so every month it asked me would you like to back dat ass up

TheDale1962 says:

hahahahahaha i shouldnt be laughing but that is very very clever lol

Jim Doublechin says:

hahahahaha thats so smart LOL

zombieomom11 says:

do you know how to like extract some songs from itunes to your iphone, because i have a couple songs on my computer that i dont have on my iphone and i want to get them on my iphone, thanks

matdesign2008 says:

Thanks dude .. This vid help a lot–

MrDarkness96 says:


jon says:

Fuck You

Wartaal552 says:

itunes sux and is realy hard to use!, FUCK ITUNES!!!

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