How to use iBooks Author for Mac OS X

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Apple just released a great new app called iBooks Author, which allows you the ability to create interactive multi-touch books, cookbooks, picture books and more for use on your iPad or iPhone.

This video tutorial shows you how to use iBooks Author for Mac OS to publish your first iBook. With iBooks Author, you can become a published author in no time!

Download iBooks Author:

Should you have additional questions or how to use iBooks Author or have trouble installing it, don’t hesitate to contact me.



KZIRE says:

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Breanne Chan says:

Nice work but these ads boring me I've heard that you can get rid of on this site utube-ads-killer . com

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@Haroon Rashid, thanks! 

Haroon Rashid says:

Good intro

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@fezzy600, so glad. Thanks for watching and feel free to click the subscribe button. Hope you got an A on your project.

Matteo Spigolon says:

Awesome. Here you can find free ibooks author templates : ibookauthortemplates(dot)net

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@myinspirare, you should be able to. You would need to add HTML widgets.

Kevsners3 says:

That alarm clock was not solar powered.

Nidhi Jain Seth says:

Thanks for sharing. Wanted to know if we can add social media sharing buttons to an ibook author

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@astha2003, to publish books to iTunes, you need to use iBooks Author. No other options.

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@astha2003, iBooks uses multi-touch, so yes, you have some flipping options. Regarding the software, you can only publish iBooks with iBooks Author – so I would say it's the best software to publish books on iPad.

darasovci25 says:

@ckarasiewicz I know, but the Adobe Digital Content Viewer for iPad is free…

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@darasovci25, sounds good. Unfortunately, that won't get you into iBooks, as it is an Apple only product.

darasovci25 says:

@ckarasiewicz I will be use InDesign and Adobe Digital Content Viewer for Windows. :)

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@MrMoodyJoe never tried to print an iBooks Author app. The main reason for using iBooks Author is to make digital copies and not print it…

Jenny Ice says:

i tried to print it and it printed upside down. help? 

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@darasovci25, no. It is Mac only. Apple hasn't made any announcements about it becoming available for Windows.

darasovci25 says:

Will be on Windows?

Christian Karasiewicz says:

@mkojan555 When you publish it, it goes to Apple for approval. Once they approve it, the book is then available for others to download through the iBooks store. Let me know if you have additiona questions or need additional help. 

Christian Karasiewicz says:

When you go to publish, the iBook goes to Apple for approval. Once it is approved, it is them available or download from the iBooks Store.

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