How to Use an iTunes Gift Card on iPhone : iPhone Tutorials

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You don’t need a computer to redeem an iTunes gift card. Use an iTunes gift card on an iPhone with help from a mobile strategist in this free video clip.

Expert: Rachel Youens
Bio: Rachel Youens has worked in mobile for 4 years and loves it.
Filmmaker: John Baldino

Series Description: Everyone knows how versatile an iPhone is – but even the most hardcore fans can still be surprised and discover new features from time to time. Get tutorials that show you how to get the most from your iPhone with help from a mobile strategist in this free video series.


John Botts says:

Trust me guys, this is the fаstеst methоd sо fаr tо get frее iTunes cоdes. It оnly tаkes 2 minutеs

hamster 27 says:

Thank you so much

Xavier Aguirre says:

I have an iTune card and I'm 7 years old

Lucas’s World says:

Hey you are shit

The Patrick Show says:

Yeah but how do you buy something

TaronGames says:


Vansh Sethi says:

Could u use it for music app in iphone for buying memebership

Devin ramdihal says:

thanks this video really help me 🙂

Brian Glaze says:

So I redeemed mine, but I am skeptical about using it because I keep seeing forums where people say their credit card keeps getting charged as opposed to the gift card that was redeemed. Any thoughts on this?

Edward Archer says:

Guys, I can`t believe this. I just got an iTunes cаrd for frее in just 5 minutes by using this

Ella Mae says:

Thank you. i did it!

Swavey Qua says:

I want to buy something for my game can i do that, or can i only buy apps

some dude says:

when i try to buy something,it says verification required

WeebNation[]Lux[] says:

Hi I bought a iTunes 15 dollar card but when I redeemed it, it said how it not working for some reason I can't explain.

linda Orourke says:

so, can you use a iTunes gift card for phone usage

Jon Bon Jovi says:

Uyyy kaka si, ko podzemna cesma 😀

Anime Lover says:

What about movies

Venom 51000 says:

Thank you it helped a lot 👍

_UntalentedAnimator_ says:

It says I need a credit card for the App Store. 25 dollars down the drain.

diy Tester says:


Jay Man 2727 says:

What happens when you redeem it?

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