How to Update your Apple iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S from iOS 5 over WiFi (over the air)

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Many people still update their iPhones with their computers.
iOS 5 was designed to be independent,and you can update directly through your WiFi.
It is simple, and this video will demonstrate how to.

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How to Update your Apple iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.1 over WiFi (over the air)


Simon Ludlam says:

Get a Samsung Android they are the best 100 times better then apple

Simon Ludlam says:

Apple is rubbish stick to Samsung Android

ajplaysmc22 Gaming says:

I mean spotlight search

ajplaysmc22 Gaming says:

In my iphone I dont have software update it only have restrictions

Zoe Johnson says:

I have an iPhone 4 I got it for Christmas and I can't even update it to get wattpad or anything…. And I don't know what I CAN get…. It's version is a 4.1 ….. It was my brothers…

Anmol Tulachan says:

Urgent in my iphone 4 4.3.3 there is no softaware update in general plz help

و على سبيل الفتنة سمراء says:

but that didn't change his theme could anyone explain to me how to change the theme

Nalee Vang says:

Does every thing stay the same?

Honey Bearbaby says:

Hey man, im using iphone 4 and everytime i check the update info in etting(general) it has no update

hadi rida says:

omg are you a robot

Adil Abdullah says:

how to update i phone 4 to version 8.4 can anyone help me please

ㅣㅐㅍㄷㄱㅡㅁ가내ㅜ says:

what is the meaning when it shows " your ios is up to date?"

Joana Ana says:

a have a question my iphone is 6 years old and he hadnt any software update what can i do

Careen Superio says:

Do you lose any apps or files when you update it

Cassandra Angelica Cruz says:

why does mine takes so long to update

vloodiest zombie says:

you sound like someone from anonymous

Zix- Zag.Com says:

we can update iphone 4s in ios 9.2.3 version ?

im facing issue because its not being.

kikonouna AJ sugarycansaresewcute MSP says:

When I do software update it says ' This release includes improvements and fixes to Apple Music.

sonal chawla says:

Lol I just don't have an option of Software Update!!!

hummna baby says:

hey plz help i have iphone 4s and its not updating properly !! when i tried this formula its the same wat to do ??? plz reply dont ignore !! and its ios 7.1.2 i wanna update it !! its says software update failed i tried it 4 times its still the same !!! ?

Tasha Goh says:

why cant i use emojis even after updating my iphone 4 to iOS 7.1.2?

A_THREE Productions says:

It said to me your sofware is up to date

Game play Videos says:

Talk like a normal person

shep says:

Is it possible to downgrade a 4S from iOS 9?

Elizabeth McKinley says:

Not to be rude he sound creepy

Curan McLaughlin says:

That cant be an iphone 4 because i have one and thats not it it doesnt look that ugly

shahzaib khan Khan says:

plz can somesone tell me if i reset my Iphone . ilost my all contact or message WIFI setting or not ?

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