How to Update iTunes

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This tutorial will show you how to update you iTunes installation.

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn How to update iTunes, which is useful for unlocking new features only usable in newer iTunes versions.

Step # 1 — Checking for Updates

First, open up iTunes. Then, click the “Help” tab on the main menu, and click “Check for Updates” you should be prompted with “A new version of iTunes is available. Would you like to download it now?”, then click “Download iTunes”.

Step # 2 — Downloading the update

A new window called “Apple Software Update” will appear, iTunes should automatically be checked, if it isn’t go ahead and check the box next to it. Now click “Install 1 Item” and it will automatically start to download. You may need to allow the download if User Account Control is enabled.

Step # 3 — Installing the update

It will prompt you for a reboot, you can either choose to do it immediately following the update, or manually reboot at a later time. Once you’ve rebooted, iTunes will have successfully updated to the newest version.
You now know How to update iTunes.


Chelsea Adekunle says:

why does it say i need to update it when its already updated?

Mira Hany says:

tell me about your accent ♥♥

j0ne5y says:

mine doesn't have a help tab

Thekillers413 says:

what the hell is the option key for windows?

Baibhav Barwal says:

my i tunes says that,"itunes update server couldnot be contacted . Check internet connetion" why ? reply as soon as possible ! thanks

Aina Nadhirah says:

why is my itunes said it is up-to-date but then my iphone with latest ios said it is not compatible with the itunes? my 'latest' itunes is 12.1.2

King Yearwood says:

If it doesnt show up Press "B+CTRL" Like so others can see

dictatorofneptune says:


AwesMC says:

its not there

darcks55 says:

Thank you

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