How To Update and Install iOS 8 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Via The Air and iTunes

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Full tutorial on how to install and update to iOS 8 for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. I walk you through the over the air method as well as updating through iTunes.

iOS 8 Is Available For:
iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus
iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 iPad Air
iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2
iPod Touch 5th generation

Full How To Use The iPhone 5s, 5c
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Power saver 65o Gladiator says:

When I went on it, it said IOS 7.1.2 your software is up to date.

Diamond Invader says:

it says that your software is up to date IOS 7.1.2 And its an iPhone 4s D; I REALLY NEED IOS 8

Kryponite says:

It doesn't even load when i press "Software Update"

Jean Calles says:

i already back up my iphone 4s but when i go to general and check for the update its still ios 7 im wondering why its still in ios 7 i cant update in ios 8

TheNyanKitten says:

Dang it my internet is turned off so I can't upgrade my iPad :(

Taylor Blanchard says:

it's saying it is up to date but when I go to the app store to down load an app it says I need iOS 8.0 but it doesn't give me the option to update to iOS 8.0

Michael Valentino says:

can I upgrade from 6 to 8

Fahd Alhamadi says:

will it work on ipad 4

FrostedDream Jamaa says:

Can you do this on an iPhone 4?

The red ghost Fan says:

Hey Dan if you're updating your iPhone do you need to pay

CGG Cool says:

It doesn't work for me and i have an Ipad Mini. It just says "Checking for update"

Cubix World says:

Why i cant update my ios ?

Kadyn Floyd says:

can you do this on an iPhone 3

Cassidy Elaine says:

what happens if I don't back up my device ?

Pizza Derp says:

it says iOS 7.1.2 My Software it up to date

KittenPlayz :D says:

Dan!!! it's Not Moving!!!UHHHHHHGG

Januel Untalan says:

Because I'm in ios 7

Januel Untalan says:

Dan if iPad 6 or 7

Zyte Artz_ says:

Hey I have an iPad 2 on iOS 7 and I want to update it to iOS 8
Should I do this?
I know iOS 9 is now available but I want iOS 8

deewigg1 says:

My iPad stuck on version 5.1 and won't let me up grade says it's upgraded

GrimCreeper says:

I cant update to iOS 8 it will only let me do 9.3.2

rainbows280 AJ says:

It won't let me update! It's says it's up to date!

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