How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode

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**If it doesn’t get your friend to ask Siri what time it is first…
**Then do all the steps shown!

K1G 5T7

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Aidan Singh says:

easier way to open it
ask siri to open the I-store , and she automatically opens it
once she opens it , press the centre button and you will end up at the home screen

littleyoung g says:

do one man hide n seek please

Fliplagram Tubes says:

My girlfriend

Jimmy2tyme says:

his enrgy is pumt

Jaila Delgado says:

I hacked in to my brothers phone 😉

666 knife game Ashton says:

Anyone notice how long the video is 😆420

The Legendary DJs says:

It doesn't work

Kristyna Marinov says:

The share thing never showed up

Crystal White says:

How do you do unlock the phone after powering it back on???

Daniel Ffolkes says:

u so dumb u unlocked ur phone with your finger print

Aymen HABI says:

Yaw roh tl3ab 3la rohak ya al 3agon

Kennedy Lemayian says:

i was given an iphone 5s and it is disabled. show me how to disable the iphone.

Chloe Schlesinger says:

He probably just has the finger print

rabbit lover says:

this is how I started watching Wolfie 😊

Sammy Pearsall says:

There is no share

I'm a moist kid I'm a moist kid says:

are you guys just immature kids like me who try to get on their mom's device

KiWolfeyy says:

I had to hack myself cause I just randomly forgot my password rip
Still waiting for the 15 minute disable thing to go away :>

This better work =.=

Howto 2018 says:

Dose not work

KCP Panos says:

420 minutes!!

Buzz Buzz says:

I hacked into my brothers phone 😂😏

Superhotuspa Fofana says:

WolfieRaps I suscribe

srini dutt says:

It Donets work with mine I tried it 30times

Suzandnadz Unicorn says:

Omg wolfie you set my Siri off lol hahahha

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