How to unlock a I pad(connect to iTunes)

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This is how to unlock a I pad I phone (iPod touch) when it said device disabled connect to I tunes


Lindseys Creations says:

helped me restore my daughters iPad after she changed the passcode and forgot it thank you so much!!!!!

megham cash says:


Kushal Khandelwal says:

which software i have to download for reset ipad

Kushal Khandelwal says:

i wnt to ask which software i have to download for reset ipad

amber ceja says:

I wanted to find a way to unlock an iPad WITHOUT restoring everything but thanks anyways

Sam Bog says:

thanks helped alot

kk kk says:

how do I get my iTunes account back on with a windows 8???

sharifah sukhaila says:

My iPad was in mode "iPad is disable connect to iTunes" and I followed the step which need to RESTRORE AND UPDATE. In the end, all pics, video DELETED 🙁 I'm remorse and extremely sad… The only pics with my lovely mom (which already passed away) all gone 🙁 🙁 🙁 

chukwu michael says:

how can i unlock an erazed ipad2 datz on icloud

Gulshan Shahzadi says:

What if I don't have an iTunes account on my ipad ?? ????

francisco roche says:

If  you forgot your passcode make sure you have I tunes running in your computer other wise you can not reset your I pad.  you most download I tunes first and click where it say run. as soon you had download the tunes will direct you to how to fix your I pad. if you see (update and  restore) your devise in highlight click on it.
1 disconnect all cables from your device.
2 hold down the sleep wake up bottom, then slide to power off. to turn off your device.
3 press and hold the home bottom and plug the device into your computer, if your device do not turn on automatically ,turn it on, do not release the home bottom. Note if you are using an old  desk computer use one the port at the back of your computer not the one in the front. to make easy connect first the wire in the computer and after in the I pad while holding the home bottom.
4 continue holding the home bottom until you see the connect to I tunes screen.
5 if I tunes do not open automatically, open it. I tunes will alert you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.
6 click ok. then restore device. will start updating will take about 15 minutes depend on the speed in your computer. if you see a message that say I tunes can not update because there is passcode lock do not panic keep waiting will fix update and erase the passcode. make sure you have ready the information they will ask like the e-mail and apple password you use before follow the questions and agree. good luck.

kathrene reyes says:

it need to update and restore hows that

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