How To: Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

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For those of you who haven’t switched from Spotify to Apple Music yet because of your fear of losing all of your playlists, then you might want to check out this app right now!

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Lucy Tadevosyan says:

excuse me. is it work for samsung music???

david el deek says:

i guess i am little too late seeing this , the website no longer working 🙁 !
any other recommended reliable bug free websites that does the same job ?

Michael Ambrose says:

Doesn't work anymore.

Becky's loosing it with Keto says:

crap! the link has been shut down!

Thomas Doyle says:

iv lost my entire library for some reason does anyone know how i get it back?

Stuart Life says:

what is  we cant get you can why is It was great while it lasted.
After the latest macOS update we were not able to keep our app functioning as before, unfortunately we decided to shut it down. Thanks for all the support y’all.November, 2016

HeyCookiesLps says:

The music that I transfer for Spotify from Apple Music, I can use the Apple Music to put music on iMovie? Can I use Houdini Playlist Transfer?

Carly M says:

does this work to transfer music/playlists from spotify to an iPod nano 4th generation?

Spencer Whitehead says:

Thanks for the video really helpful, just one question do you need a subscription to Apple Music for this? I'm a Spotify premium member and looking at an Apple Watch for running and I'm wondering if I will have to bring my phone as well as the watch.

Brianna vasquez says:

U need to
Try a new method

Josh Burke says:

does this add this to youre downloaded music library or do I have to go through and download and pay for that sepreartley.

Juan Garcia says:

When click Capture Session it will not stop loading and my songs are not tranfering from spotify to my iTunes, any recommendations?

Sami Binhaji says:

second dislike im not gonna frickin pay for any music.

Cool Grind says:

I spent $8 and waited 3hrs for this app to not work when it was time to import. What a waste of time and money!

Arturo G. says:

Does this work for the playlists made by Spotify? Like the discover weekly playlist

Andrean Wangsa says:

I have a question,if i put a low quality song on my itunes library,apple music directly makes it to itunes quality (256kbps with the artwork),will the same happen when i move my apple music songs to my spotify library,will i be having my songs in premium extreme quality(320kbps)? I know its no big difference but I'm just curious,thanks

CedBan says:

what about PC

Félix Martel says:

they have a windows version now ?

Andy Garcia says:

Does this work with tidal

Ricky Gonzales says:

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and give it a try. I'll keep my Spotify for my trial period and see which I prefer. Btw, where can I find that wallpaper you have on your iphone in this video?

Jason Renfro says:

This was a huge time saver!

XCoNCepT1 says:

Damn bro nice vid +subscribe

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