How To Transfer Music From iPod/iPhone/iPad to Mac (Working)

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How To Transfer Music From iPod/iPhone/iPad to Mac

Today I will be showing you how to transfer your music from your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc to your Mac’s iTunes. This is ideal if your computer got wiped out, got a new computer, or just want to copy a few of your friend’s songs onto your computer!


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Cody Hannah says:

free download only gets u 100 copy's . this guy is a dumb ass … f***ing waist of time!!!

Jace Matez says:

everything went well until i ran the program. currently, the program is open, but can't find my iPod touch even though its plugged in. help?

simon price says:

ive done this and they arnt transfering into the new folder, nothing happens

Chu-kwun Lau says:

Hello? Excuse me, i have some questions to ask, I just wondered does those music you drag out to the file you created had became an initially music file finally?

Eric Lewin says:

This works great! Now i can listen to all my music again. I'm seeing people are having trouble doing this in the comments and i don't know why. Maby you downloaded it from an untrusted source and it was a corrupt file or something along those lines. I downloaded and installed it and used it relatively easy. 

Chree says:

Thanks a lot for this video it worked perfectly!! I was trying for 2 days to import my music from my iPod to my Mac. Years ago it used to be sooooo much easier all you had to do was click 'import' hah… But thanks again man, it made my day!!

Chree says:

People quit your bitching. Just look up and find DeTune on google. It's free and was easy to use. I mean, how hard is it to use a computer?!

Hina Raja says:

this is not working on my MacBook Air, Detune is not showing any panel to the left side of the Detune window?

Starfish xo says:

does this still work?

Roan Fajardo says:

Thanks man! You a life saver for real..

Nita Sims says:

wondershare TunesGo is NOT FREE!! is there a TOTALLY FREE solution to this problem??

Jake Migitsch says:

this didn't work at all

suzzzyy P. says:

what's the link to download? links don't work

Dana Mahmoud (DD) says:

THIS SAVED MY LIFE! I have an iPod chrome (purple :P) and couldn't get the music out ); THANK YOU ^_^

Don Davenport says:

THANKS Adam!! Don't know what the issues are that I've read in some of these comments, I have a normal iMac Platinum, followed the steps in the video, everything fell right into place, tunes are loaded, all DONE! Simple as it gets!! DeTune App for the WIN!

Juan-Pablo Illanes says:

It doesn't work for me. iTunes covers it up.

Luis & Carmen Serbia says:

Thanks for sharing…This is an awesome tool.

TheNextChapter says:

Look at when this video was uploaded and how many likes this has. Maybe think before you comment.

EmirofShmo100 says:

Your links don't work and your advice was useless. Had to go elsewhere.

Riddarstolphe II says:

I also like Daft Punk, therefore I like this Vid

Luke Fagan says:

how do I do this on iphone 4S

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