How to Transfer music from Computer to iPhone/iPod

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Hey guys! This my video on how to transfer music from your pc to iPhone/iPad/iPod. . I just wanted to show you guys how to to transfer music from computer to iPhone.

If you don’t have itunes, download from this link:

And then, after you have download itunes, go to youtube and search the song you want to download. Then when the list of “searches” pop up, click the one you want to download. Next, copy the URL and open up a new tab.
On the new tab, click this link:
After you have clicked the link, a “download” or “search” bar is going to appear on that page. Paste the URL that you copied that you want to download. After pasting, click the “download’ button. And then click, “Click here to download link” button. And then click “Download mp3.”

After you have downloaded it, go to “finder” and click “favorites” , and then click “downloads.” Then transfer the song from it to your computer screen. And then sync your iPhone to your pc. Then open “itunes” After that, click the iPhone logo button at the top left corner. Then click the second music button at the bottom. Then drag your song (that is on your computer screen) to the blank or listed songs list. And you’re done.

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breanne pierre says:

So smart

Brown Paw says:

Very poor and convoluted explanation.

Jennine Pless says:

€€€WOooOOWWWWW GAMERSss I Have Foundddddd Workingggg online haccckk vivivsit

abdullah ghaffar says:

we all know how to download music form youtube you take so much time but anyway you doing well really appreciate (Y)

Martin Dela cruz says:

When I download iTunes it doesn't want to open

Martin Dela cruz says:

When I download iTunes it doesn't want to open

Pandula Weerasooriya says:

I used a 3gs and it totally works.
VLC format works too

Cali Girl23 says:

It said "you cannot copy this" what should I do?

Florida State says:

this man said iPhone at least 200 times before the video started

Tanishqua Dsouza says:

thnx man this realy helped me ..

Monera Kifai says:

Does it work for iPhone 5s?

john bonilla says:

dose this still work

Muhammad Abdul Hamid Azman says:

ur hand fuckin shit

CRH HD says:

why have you stole marzbars tech channel name

CSHawk says:

I like how the kids are more legit than fukin adults everything works

_FloW_ says:

youre a little hero :D

Criss Smith says:

This actually worked pretty good

Diamond Gaming says:

theres a problem, i plug in my phone and itunes pops up with a message saying "you need to uptade before you use this Iphone" and then i press update.. after 1 minute another message pops up saying "to update you need to Erase/Wipe data before update." i press Erase and update, after another minute it comes up with an error message " The iphone 6 can not be used and is unusable. "


Why did he say see when he turned his phone on

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