How to Transfer iTunes library to a NEW computer Windows 10 – Move itunes Music!!! – Free & Easy

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My video shows how to transfer iTunes library from one computer to another, to Windows 10. Quickly see how to transfer music to iTunes. My iTunes music tutorial shows you how easy it is to transfer iTunes music to a new computer for free. Learn how to transfer iTunes music without having to use Apple iCloud or any special software app in this iTunes tutorial for Windows.

See how to transfer iTunes playlist to flash drive as well as your iTunes music, media apps and iTunes album artwork from your old laptop computer system to your new computer laptop, desktop or Windows tablet.

Simply put, in my iTunes tutorial you will learn how to move your iTunes library from one computer to another computer no matter which Windows version you are using on your computer. If you follow my basic steps you can move your iTunes music from iTunes Windows 7, iTunes Windows 8, iTunes Windows 8.1 to iTunes in Windows 10. It’s pretty easy to do, by watching how to transfer music/songs from computer to another computer in just a few minutes in this fast moving iTunes tutorial.

This video tutorial is for you, if you want to see how to move iTunes library to another computer within minutes and without tech support service $cost. In a step by step presentation I show you how to move songs from computer to iTunes. Beginners and Pros will learn how to how to move music from computer to iTunes on another computer without any special skills. The steps on how to transfer Music from iTunes to USB is also seen in my video plus a lot more.

Requirements For Successful Operation:
1) Old computer with Windows
2) New computer with Windows
3) Flash Drive or Jump drive or external hard drive for storage
4) Apple iTunes installed on old & new computer laptop/desktop
or tablet and with iTunes on new computer having no songs
that you want to keep.
5) iTunes music/songs on your old computer
6) IMPORTANT NOTE: Always perform a full computer backup of
your computer data files, pictures, and music and create a
system restore before making any changes to your computer.
Like copying, deleting and pasting files and folders. Computers
can and will sometimes do unexpected things!
7) My video steps in “How to transfer iTunes library to a New
computer – Free & Easy to Windows 10″

Would I call this video a iTunes tutorial for beginners? Yes! Because anyone can follow my steps and easily get there music transfer to there new Computer. It makes no difference if it’s iTunes music from laptop to laptop or iTunes music from desktop to desktop or iTunes music from desktop to laptop it will still work!


Anastasia Zurichna says:

Awesome! Totally works! Easy to follow even for Girl with zero computer skills <3 Thank you for awesome guide!

Andrew Rossmann says:

I will soon test this out when I get my new Win10 computer in a few days. I do hope it works, as I have a feeling the default folder names may not match (my Win7 [formerly Vista] computer is under 'iTunes Music' instead of 'iTunes Media', probably because it dates back to 2007!) From another comment, it sounds like iTunes can now handle that on it's own. I would like to add that those who do not have a large enough external drive should consider using network shares instead. Create a share pointing at the iTunes folder on the old computer, and then connect to that with the new one. No need for external devices and could be faster, too.

Lynnette Yerbury says:

Worked like a charm. I was missing a simple step and was getting frustrate. My music file is large so it was being a pain and this fixed it. Well done!

Luc De Visscher says:

Great info how to transfer from old to new computer with new Windows10. Were you able to keep your quotations? (I have about 9,000 songs that are star rated and don't want to loose that one!).
2nd question, is it possible to save iTunes library in a OneDrive folder so that I don't risk to have my laptop & ipod stolen and lose ALL my music? Thank you for the feedback!

Liav Bejerano says:

i love you!!!!!!!!!!1 thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Bales says:

Thanks Nick!!! This was super easy to follow and it worked great!!!

Blake X says:

I've transferred all my songs to my new laptop but the issue now is each song has the exclamation point and it says "Itunes can't locate file." So far I've had to locate each song individually because I don't know any other way to do it faster.

david03brough says:

Worked great thank you

Trisha_O says:

Have tried this twice. Only half of my library was transferred and none of the playlists. What could I be doing wrong?

SmallDino Productions says:

question, my old laptop crapped out. it wont even start up anymore. But i have over $100 worth of music in my old itunes, and it wont transfer over to my new laptop. is there any way to get it moved without using my old laptop, and NOT lose any of my music?

Dfc Kids says:

Thank you!!!

aesthecarrot 17 says:

Thank you so much:)

Ailuropoda melanoleuca says:

Thank you so much, man!

Beth Wuger says:

What happens when my new computer already has some old songs that I bought through itunes? I don't want to get rid of them, I just want to add the ones that I had uploaded from CD's long ago. And when I first tried this, on my own, some of my "copied files" now reside in my new computers itunes folder. What do I do??? I am so confused and I am afraid I might lose music files

Fear6No7Evil says:

How did you get rid of the tiles and set your start/windows button up like that in Windows 10?

Josh Ganz says:

Thank you so much for the very intricately detailed instruction!! My only concern is that I wish I could just transfer the songs that are in a playlist onto my new computer, instead of now having to put ALL of my individual songs into their respectable playlists.. Lol

sholey gomez says:

can you do it for  the mp3

Dustin Walker says:

awsome I just did everything you did and it worked thanks .

RosesNeverFade1216 says:

I am unable to copy my entire iTunes folder using a flashdrive because of the size. Can I simply merge my old and new iTunes folders and have this still work? I have to move all the media/files in pieces.

JazzyFilms says:

You're a genius man, thank you

Bradyn Austin says:

I need to transfer 18,815 songs from iPhone6 to new computer hard drive after old hard drive crashed with no warning. Can you advise?

Jimin's high note in House Of Cards says:

I don't have enough space on my flash drive for all my music to transfer, so I tried to delete some music I don't listen to but it didn't work. Is there any way to fix that? Or do I just need to get a usb with more space?

Bob Gill says:

So if you have music you want to keep in itunes on your new computer do you not delete the itunes folder from the C drive and just paste what you have that is already copied on the flash drive?

Jobany bedoya says:

great video. thanks for sharing

PreserveBigCats says:

Everything went as planned… but all my podcasts' ended up copied on to the Ex. Hard Drive, which I didn't want. Is there a way to erase them from the Ex.HD? Thnx

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