How to transfer iTunes library to a New computer Free & Easy

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This video shows how to transfer iTunes library from one computer to another Free & Easy. Transfer itunes music to a new computer.

So basiclly, if you want the same music, playlists and apps on your new computer that you have on your old computer just follow along with me in my easy video tutorial. This way you can sync up your ipod, ipad, itouch and iphones with iTunes on your new computer.

Download itunes from here:


Richard Bledsoe says:

Thank you, this was extremely helpful! I appreciate your level of detail, it helped me when no other "apple" site could. Thank you

Marin Tuckwell says:

Epic, many thanks dude.

Yaseen Younus says:

Sweet, it worked! Thank you!

Asakura YT says:

Thank you so much

Zareef Tashfique says:

god bless you i hope you have a happy and fullfilling life :'D

Frank R. Pilot says:

and for the last version of itunes?

Jose Jimenez says:

Hey buddy Thank you .

ez1ollie says:

Is there a way to do this outside of the the C drive? I have a drive that I want to dedicate just to music, but iTunes keeps on creating the library inside of my C drive.

Trey Jeffers says:

So once I copy from my old computer and put into a flash drive, can I open any of that music without putting it back into iTunes?

shawn shawn says:

Thank you!!! I tried unsuccessfully for days to figure out how to transfer iTunes, but with your video tutorial, I did it within 8 minutes. I feel like a computer warrior, now!!!

Chris Hearin says:

Oh thank you this worked can I do the same with my save places on Google earth or do I do something different? Only thing I just noticed are some of the album covers didn't transfer over they are just music notes. Is there anything I can do to transfer the ones that didn't?

Debra Broadbent says:

Excellent – complete and easy to follow instruction. Thanks kindly!

Tina Schuman says:

great video, worked fine for me. Thx

John Bee says:

does this copy playlist, videos, ratings, etc??

Pam Day says:

brilliant, simple tutorial that worked for me. thank you so much.

Sav Rang says:

I did all of the steps correctly (I hope) and my music was not copied, any advice?

KimMcLeanLogan says:

Nice Instruction. Worked like a charm!

Loren Taylor says:

Fantastic video. Transferred 300gb of music and it was a success….

babydolll says:

Damn, people making that kind of tutorial always assume others keeping the old computer. My old computer has gone!!!

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