How to transfer files from PC to iPad

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Here is the tutorial to transfer any type of files from your PC to iPad using a free version of USB Disk app for iPad.

To get the app:

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Lhans says:

change music? please

Tjey k says:

It's good video. Thanks for sharing. I would suggest to download USB DISK or USB STICK Free Apps in your ipad first. An then connect your ipad to the computer and do the rest of the things as you said.

MeshMN says:

Ok you lost me at step one – i dont have nor do i want iTunes at all. How do I access the freakin file system so I can drag n drop?

Hisham Malik says:

Song is distracting honestly

Z zedament Z says:

Someone's been on the deep web, lol. 0:01

Durim Xhepi says:

great, finally i find something for my ipad.thanks.
caan u tell me the title of theme song. i love this kind of music

ahs land says:

thankyou so much now my edits on my edit account @ahsland are hd

Bill Holmes says:

Thanks for this, I was losing my mind!

dohc1974 says:

That cocksucker steve jobs should be brought back to life and kicked in the f8cking nuts. Coming from Andriod phones, this itunes bullshit is fucking retarded. Why couldnt have these motherfuckers just did what every windows phone does? Drag and drop.

Ahmed zaki says:

what is the name of the song minhas

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