How to sync Music from computer/laptop/macbook to iPhone iPod iPad

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iTunes – Syncing & Transferring Content
How To Move Music From Your Computer To Your iPhone
How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone
How to add musica from computer to iPhone iPad iPod touch


Nick Pingers says:

fucking new itunes update bitch ughhhh dumb fuck

kianabellman xo says:

I can't get the selected playlist icon to come up.

kianabellman xo says:

Can more than one IPhone be connected to the MacBook and how do you make a backup in iCloud.

Devin Glover says:

so I will need iTunes in order to snyc with my computer

Facttester says:

The person who is talking here, speaks not very clear and far too fast! I don't understand him very good.
And I need a microscope to read what he shows. This is really bad!

Angelica Narboneta says:

got it! thanks for this helpful vid!

Mark Youssef says:


Hef Tarc says:

iphones are stupid. in iTunes, clicking ''synchronize'' does not back up the new photos and video files. clicking ''back up'' will replace the entire already backed up folder with the current content of the iphone. So what the fuck good is a fucking iPhone then? When people back up their phone to pc, the next first thing they do is deleting the huge video files and photo files to make space on their phone so that they can make more videos and photos, then the FIRST NEXT TIME THEY BACK UP AGAIN, THE PREVIOUS BACK UP IS REPLACED BY THE CURRENT PHONE CONTENT INSTEAD OF COPYING ONLY THE NEW VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FILES WITHOUT DELETING THE EXISTING ONES.

Lost Stuff says:

Will "sync music" effect the photos you have on the iphone?

Relift says:

thanks bud

David Villasenor says:

fuck you did it deleted all of my songs!

Mouse Mickey says:

thats weird when I plug in my device it doesnt show up there even though its still getting charged

Jc Salazar says:

BIG Thanks for this..

Timmzy27 says:

Very helpful, thanks.

RYLE Studios says:

Can you please send me the link to get the latest itunes please and thank you!

Rainbow Gal says:

Anyone know how to connect your Device so the phone thing show up. I plugged it in my laptop but theres nothing

kevin thompson says:

fuck you!

Fat cat says:

Do you need an Apple ID for syncing music ?

Darlene Quintana says:

yes I just got a Iphone. But on my itune app on my mac desk top doesn't have the phone i con on it. I like to put ring tone to my families contacts. Could you please help me. My kids wanted me to up grade my phone. But now they are to busy to help me out.

Kaitlynn Keenan says:

It says unknown error please help

Sabrina Thomas says:

My computer and ipod is not syncing all of my music. My ipod says sinc but when I look for a particular cd of songs it's not on my ipod but is showing on my computer. I have the latest updates. Help

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