How to solve Apple id (for assistance,contact itunes Support)

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new method for creating apple id
How to solve Apple id (for assistance,contact itunes Support)
so easy
watch video i hope your problem solved


StormCrow 509 says:

Tis works on iphone too btw. Thank you so much

Resky Jamil says:

This is so annoying… I was about to buy gems.. and then it says it cannot be completed.. and it tell me to ask for assistance.. and then when I go to the website, it didn't do anything.. I just wasted $15… fuck you apple

Suhee Suhbat says:

not work, help guys

A.k. Mfazlul Haque says:

brother can you help me by solv my problem

JustPingAbuse says:

Nice address

LucasGamer Galaxy says:

When I was gonna buy stuff on iPad is says it can't completed please check to support your iTunes and stuff, plz help

Jay Lok says:

have to try out all different country… i have done with canada 🙂

pradeep kumar says:

yeahh its working. but not all time.

Dominic Lorenz says:

Hmm, i just tried it.. maybe even 100 times… still doesnt work :/ i also changed the location to japan at Hotspot shield still the same shitty problem.
I have really NO idea how you made it work … Does my Itunes has to be in english too?

MrDeathFlame' Animations says:

i cant connect itunes connect it says your apple id isnt associated with a content provider in itunes connect


VeyRon says:

They won't answer my fucking call I've been trying for an hour

keon keoni says:

whenever i use the shield.. i still get the same problem… pls contact itunes support.

keon keoni says:

bro please help me, i tried this and it didnt work in macbook pro. i have the vpn too. i dont know what else to do. pls hep me

iwan aditya says:

hi,. this 100% work.. best ideai am from indonesia,

Jun Vonx says:

sama me too

Jafar Neissi says:

usa not work try japan server

Jafar Neissi says:

thanks man u very help me

Sajid Tipu says:

Thank you so much bro like 4 month i'm facing same problem you are the best God bless you

SR chowdhury says:

bro my ituenes not solved it plz help me

Diyana Rashid says:

why doesn't it work for me? I am using a macbook and downloaded the hotspot shield for mac

apple id says:

not working! one day can only 1 max 2 free account

Jamar Silver says:

I got a iPhone and when I go buy gems it say go to for assistance I don't get it

FACE90966 says:

i can't hear anything and doesn't work for me…

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