How to Restore iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using iTunes

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Restore Method Works for all iOS Devices.
Note if your Phone was Jailbroken you will have to re-jailbreak it.
Internet Connection Required.
Audio Track: FreePlay Music – Stud


Benny Krishnan (BK) says:

Any alternative solution if the menu key doesn't work?

Honeybadger1337PLAYS says:

How do I downgrade without itunes

June Morrison says:

cannot make or receive a call

denis benczik says:

didnt apear me the iphone device in itunes

Erick Baez says:

I cant do it!!!!!

Hakim Akhir says:

what if I select 'Set up as a New Iphone ? so can it delete are old account for all ? same like a android hard raset ? please reply thanks. :)

george tsiak says:

Hi my friend I have a question for you I found an iPhone 4s and it has an other account I cloud and I don't know the pass code

Geo Gomez says:

i did it on my ipod once and it worked but with a different vid but it seems similar

Hesed Cadam-us says:

this video suckssss….!!!!!!this not true

OLO Gaming says:

thanks dude!#!"#!

Edward Cannon says:

do you have to login into itunes

Dustin Cole says:

i dont get it

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