How to restore and reset your iphone or ipod touch to factory settings

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How to restore and reset your iphone or ipod touch to factory settings. use this feature if your iphone or ipod touch got corrupted from a corrupt software or mp3 files that you downloaded on it. The symptoms are when your iphone or ipod touch freeze and you can’t get it to work or it freezes when you connect it to your computer and also freezes your itunes.

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Ivan Chestnut says:

I can't restore my iPad 1

King of games says:

What do u do if your iPhone ipod won't let u down load apps??

Ahmed El-Badry says:

thanks that fixed my problem

Gervasius MC says:

i restore and the backup pop up not opened.. and i think thats automatic.. so i cant backup and my data all lost 🙁 can anybody help???

Roshan Chawla says:

By restoring my iphone will be new from inside right.? If I'm having problem like my ios 7.1.2 i think its slow i should restore it.???
Will it manages to make it fast.????
Please respond as sson as possible

Jim Young (avman) says:

Just watched your video along with the wasteful commercial. The screen shown on your computer does not match what I see. Will look for another video. Thanks again.

Kyle Cosgrove says:

This guy pisses me off 

Eclipse says:

Back up your device before restoring because If you are jailbroken the SHSH Blobs won't get saved so when you restore to the back up chia won't be there

1787dude says:

Thanks Martin Sheen. 

Mark Maged hacker says:

It will restore my contact

SSJ Carl says:

So seeing as you seem to know what you are talking about, my friends seem to find if funny to change my password when im sleeping and change it, instead of giving them the satisfaction is there a way to just hack your way into ur ipod or change the password again without having the original password. 

SSJ Carl says:

Alright I have a question. 

Leah Williamson says:

~ 4 yrs ago when iPhones first came onto the scene, the person I work for wanted his phone number blocked.  At the time, there wasn't a way to do that thru the carrier so, I found a YouTube video that walked me thru creating that block.  To this day, his phone number displays only as "Unknown Number" to anyone he calls.  He would now like that designation reversed and to have his number displayed.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do it.  The carrier has not been able to reverse my actions nor has anyone at Apple been able to figure out how I did what I did.  Short of getting him a new phone number, is there a way to remove this "Unknown Number" designation????  I feel that if I attempt to restore the device to its factory settings that the block may be imbedded at the operating system level and continue to follow through.  Help!

grigor dawidoff says:

my iphone 4 is restarting itself please help !!!

katelyn menard says:


daniel lopez says:

yes that is necessary

1984reyBN says:

How do u do it withoutj computer

Phased DenZe says:

Okay so My Ipod is on iOS version 5.1.1 and is jailbroken. If I restore is to factory settings will it stay on 5.1.1 or will I be forced to have iOS 6?

Vinh Phan says:

dose it remove thejailbreake and cydia?

Yanni Abbou says:


miss monchel says:

thank you :)

3rd_Coast says:

Ineed to reset my iphone to activate it with metro pcs but it says I need a att sim card. Help please

TheEpicNuka says:

dude this didn't even help me becos my ipod was working but now i tryed to update it then it said to connect to itunes e.e 

Patchino1 -Ps4 says:

will software version will return to its orginal as i bought or???

Xpyro23 says:

your stupid fly lolololololol

lovegilr911s2 says:

this why I fucking hate apple products you always have to update the fucking shit!

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