How to reset the Apple Watch

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How to reset the Apple Watch
Just a quick guide. There are two ways:
– using the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
– or the settings menu on your Apple Watch

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Kawaii Bluberry Ice Cream says:

my watch is opposite direction with the band does it come from dominant and non dominate hand?

abdul Ahad says:

When i reset it through my iPhone will it remove all my data from I watch such as pics and contacts

Kareem Tamer says:

Can i reset from the apple watch only or i must do from both ?

Addison Lai says:

thanks dude !

Edlyn Miller says:

Thanks so much ????????

Candy Larney says:

Thank you so much, you helped me immensely. I thought my watch was broken. Many thanks. South Africa

David Stokes-Lopez says:

Thanks for the tutorial!

sameer khan says:

Helpful video. Thanks dude..

Meyer in Black says:

Hey Technikfaultier,
kommst du demnächst an ein S6 bzw S6 Edge ran? Wäre cool
Warte mal das hier ist dein englischer Kanal…

Hey Techsloth, can u get a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a S6 Edge? It would be nice

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