How To Reset Apple ID Security Questions Without Rescue Email

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in this video, I’ll show you How To Reset Apple ID Security Questions Without Rescue Email, even if you’re in IRAQ, Syria and other non-supported countries by Apple support.

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moov cinema says:

Cannot Reset Security Questions
We do not have sufficient information to reset your security questions. plz help

علي صلاح says:

Thank you 😊 so helpful 🇾🇪

2009hohos says:

Same situation, but when i tried to contact APPLE support, these freaks need my security questions' answer to verify my identity and thus help me to reset the security questions when i fucking call them because of i forgot them and dun have a rescue email

Ahmed Arif says:

Hello Safaa , thank u for your video , i had the same issue but my problem is i cant contact apple nor calling them cause im from Iraq also, whenever i choose (talk to apple support right now )they want me to give them my location (i had to choose a county) , and since my country is not listed in their map I cant call them , what should i do ,thank u for your help:)

AER0 1985 says:

How if i dont have rescue email?

patpin .F says:

I live in spain but the account that I need to rescue is from japan ( I created it for an exclusive game from japan ) They will allowed me to rescue my account or I will have problems?

معلومات عامه says:

السلام عليكم اخوسه شلونك عندي مشكله بالحساب مالتي دخلت رصيد ابو 10$ وبعدن اريد افتحه بس يكولي ادخل سؤال الامان بقيت ادخلهن يعني بالتخمين لان ناسيهن كام يطلعلي هيج Too many incorrect verification attempts
ارجو منك اتساعدني طبعا اني بالعراق ساكن شلون الحل

StopDude Gt says:

it says Cannot Reset Security Questions
We do not have sufficient information to reset your security questions.

İlter Kalkancı says:

I don't see a link for the CallCentric/Zoiper video, anyone?

Harley Cadwell says:


zohaib ahmed says:

my apple id has been disabled not sign in now and i also forgott security question please help

Nicki Clay classy says:

I don't get this even if you call and ask for help they can't fix it all they say is remember and it took me 3 days to try to get them fixed and it was a waste of my time in the end they didn't fix it

Do Apple is useless and I think they should get rid of them

Nicki Clay classy says:

I think Apple is dumb because they ask to enter your current password and if I knew it I wouldn't be there asking!

Cody Foster says:

Is there a way to change them when somebody on a different iphone falied signed in to make my account lock because i cant get to that menu. Its asks me the security questions an since i made it over 12 years ago i have no clue what they are

King Illusions says:

Does not work

JWebb says:

I don't have the Reset by email option

rawaz sherwan says:

man after browsing through countless forms and videos your video gave the perfect solution on this issue. it totally resolved my security questions problem, thank you man you are a life saver. keep up the awesome work.

poonam prajapati says:

would i be able to change my password instantly?? bcz when i was reseting the message says that it will take few days to process.please tell me.

Hyeji says:

What if i dont know ANY of my answers ? .. Help pls

Dennis Kn says:

# How to reset security questions if you forgot them (or never knew them because you randomly smashed your keyboard, like me) and had no recovery emailaddress set

Turn on iCloud keychain in iCloud settings menu (if you have that already turned on, this instruction won't help probably)
Enter mobile number
Verify code by SMS
Finish setting up keychain
Press name on top of iCloud settings menu
Password and security
Enable 2 factor authentication (this couldn't be done without setting mobile number because security questions were asked before)
Follow process to finish
Login to (with 2 factor authentication ofcourse)
Go to the Security part and disable 2-factor authentication
Enter new security questions
Enter recovery email address

Maxwell Dendter says:

Great video! it helps alot! thanks

jesse levaldo says:

It won't let me download music I need help

Uddip Rawal says:

Hey guys you dont have to look for security question. Just go to iCloud and click on out email id and go to password and security and u will see two factor authentication, turn on these. You will be able to buy games. I did it 5 min ago. I had a same problems like you guys. Hopefully it will help u guys

AntPlayz says:

The option for me to change them isn't there

juls rizki says:

hey dude do u have email
i wanna ask with u dude
i have the same problem to

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