How to remove credit card details from ios itune & app store

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if help ful subscribe my channel….


tony thomas says:

option is there but cant open.. what to do please help

Eva Santana says:

How can I take off a iTunes gift card off my phone???

Shahid Ali says:

I selected none option from setting but still I got verification errors please someone help me to fix this problem please helppplppop?????

roblox Lover makes videos says:

She leaked her phone number…

prokiller grape says:

What the fuck are people talking about not having none maybe try updating to the newest iOS version.?IDK

Alonzo Gaming and more says:

Yes there is

Dahlia Vijandre says:

If your about to say foul language to this dude because there is no none button, the reason why because you already updated your phone which removed the none button. Take this advice, please.

Victoria Holder says:

What if it doesn't have none ☹️

Daylon Thomas (doge is cool) says:

Yeah there is no none!

Ali Azam says:


Michelle Chen says:

Thank you it help me so much

Kazekage Gaara says:

This comments section is full of dumb asses.

Ammar HD says:

Guys %20 of the commenters will get this right where does it say STC on the video?

Idk I says:

Thanks :)

Christopher Gagnon says:

It doesn't say "none" it only says credit cards can someone help me please?

Nash Gray says:

There is no fucking None option bitch

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