How to Remove a Jailbreak from any iDevice (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

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This tutorial will show you how to completely remove a jailbreak from any iDevice. It works for any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on any version with the help of iTunes.

This method removes ALL traces of a jailbreak. If you plan on bringing your device back to the Apple Store, this is what you should do before going. No Apple Store employee will ever be able to tell if you jailbroke your device before.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan on getting everything out of your device, you should eventually do a clean restore and SET AS NEW DEVICE since iTunes backup will keep old files that will stay on your device and still use precious space even if you can’t use them. *Thanks to XxsniperbuddhaxX for bringing this up!!*

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Lijpe Strijders says:

I cant open my settings someone help me pleasd

Go ProTactics says:

i successfully jailbroke my iphone 5s. i hit factory reset and hitting factory reset bricked my iphone please help.

Satvir sahota says:

If I update the software will I delete cydia and the whole jailbreak. REPLY

I Am Dirty Dane says:

this video does fuck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jail break didnt come off my phone and either did cydia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bullshit video.

Danny Maskell says:

Surely because you backed it up, it would keep Cydia installed?

AlienGaming101 says:

My jailbreak has FUCKED my phone and it wont detect on itunes or anything 😐 Please help

Pedro Lawrence says:

I got a question when you press restore your phone isn't Cydia gonna stay on there since it's backed up

Tia Raynee says:

i have cydia o r gad it on iphone5 2 days ago i backed up iphone then reset iphone now its stuck on logo loading bar screen cant connect to itunes or anyting plz help ive tired everything

Pedro Pereira says:

i'm still with my cydia tweaks…

Phoenix Fire says:

Guys it works! My iPhone had problems detecting in iTunes until I noticed a pop-up saying to Restore it. 🙂
Took agesssss to get upto the installing bar on my phone, but worth the wait!! 😀
Thanks man for helping me out! ^^

Nina Mansour says:

my phone is going to recoveey mode all the time help

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