How to Redeem Blu Ray Digital Copy Code iTunes Download without Disc, no Studio Website Registration

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Some of the current generation of Blu-Ray Disc which include Digital Copy feature (not to be confused with Ultraviolet), may not include a disc as in the past. The Instructions included with your purchase want you to register on the studio’s website, requiring you to enter the Redemption code twice. In lieu of registering on Paramount’s website, we skipped this step, and tested redeeming Digital Copy & Download all from within iTunes. Once we redeem the movie, it is downloaded to our Hard Disk. Also demonstrated is the resulting movie appearing on an iPhone, and how to stream or download to iPhone or iPad’s memory for viewing without a data connection.


Mai-ly Nguyen says:

Your voice is so annoying

MMD Performance Training says:

Great stuff

fucuk ofenberg says:

Extremly . straight to the point thank you

Monique says:

My code is invalid, do they have an email address so I can contact them?

Ohio Dashcam says:

says I have to insert the disc.. suggestions?

Tell that to Kanjiklub says:

It says invalid code

thekomodoking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

How do I do this on mobile?

SarcasticSnake64 says:

Did not work with my lionsgate title.

Jimmy Heyworth says:

My digital copy code wasn't accepted. I already have the file downloaded into my Ultraviolet library. Any way to convert it to iTunes?

Bucas says:

It said a my code is invailid

TheOFamily5 says:

Doesn't work.

Stefan O'Dell says:

didn't work

MrTrufflePigs says:

Someone in my house threw out the insert for Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm guessing the code was on it. Is there any other way I can redeem the code or find out what it is?

Mark Fairleigh says:

Thank you! worked great!

Don Perez says:

your voice is so calm and the video is so tedious….it gave me anxiety. its like having a yoga instructor explain how to disarm a bomb lol

AznPr1des says:

hey I have a couple questions if you could help me answer:

1. how is the resolution/quality of the digital copy from the blu ray redemption code thing? I purchase all my movies via iTunes and I was just wondering which quality is better.

2. some movies like Star Trek into darkness, the dark knight, the dark knight rises, and hunger games catching fire have scenes filmed in the imax ratio (where the footage fills up more of the screen leaving no horizontal black bars at the top and bottom). however, the movies I bought via iTunes stay the same ratio throughout the movie, even when supposed scenes are suppose to go into imax ratio. if I purchase the blu ray and redeem the iTunes code thing, does the digital copy of the film go into imax ratio when it's supposed to? if you could check real quick that would be SO helpful…

(for your convenience here is a link to what im talking about: they have screenshots of scenes with imax ratio vs non imax ratio (so you dont have to dig through the whole movie to find the imax scenes)

3. how big is the digital file of the movie? I'm hoping it's not like 50gb…


Brett Weber says:

Are you able to get it in SD?

gavin green says:

i tryed with my godzilla film and did not work

Daniel says:

It doesn't work for me. Mine says ultraviolet but the page looks different.

tailsthefox4561 says:

I need to buy the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol blu-ray & DVD when I'm 13 years old.

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