How to Put Ringback Tones on iPhone From iTunes : Help With Apple Products

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Putting ringback tones on iPhone from iTunes is something you can do by syncing your device. Put ringback tones on iPhone from iTunes with help from an experienced Apple professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Omega Lee
Bio: Omega Lee is a lover of all things Apple, and has been a part of serving over 200,000 Apple customers.
Filmmaker: Marton Varo

Series Description: Apple is making some of the most popular computer hardware today with devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Get tips on your Apple products with help from an experienced Apple professional in this free video series.


Barbara Fuller says:

Can u have straight talk

Ian Campbell says:

Truly awful video.

Selena Solis says:

Can you do this with page pluse ?

jon doe says:

It did not answer my question of getting my music on my itunes onto the iphone ringtone!

xXLimitedRayBayXx says:

I wish I could dislike this video, 100 times.

lachicababy1 says:

Well what if you can't buy it from your carrier . How can you pay for it with your iTunes account. Like seriously this is bs it didn't help at all

DustinAllen says:

So you need to open safari not the app store. I think this helped, after causing some frustration 1st…

Terry Kuder Jr says:

good job!  Thank you for putting this video into place.

Wade J says:

Change the title – at the very least to mention you're plugging the verizon ringback tones store.

Wade J says:

This had NOTHING to do with iTunes dude !!!

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