How To Put Movies On Your iPad Without Any Conversion [No Jailbreak]

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This method NO LONGER WORKS. Watch the remake of this video in better quality, shorter length and faster method : .

Thank you!


amil hussain says:

great video, very helpful…..loved it. you made it look very simple. Add more videos on how to download movies on computer. Good job kid

Elias gameing says:

Really you iPoe is old

Jalene Rabe says:

totul no no

Alexg Flores says:

Your iPad is old

Jet man Z says:

1:00 it's loading I know cause we can see

Gummy Ball says:

Fuck ure the best kid !

Venus_ angelic says:

To da compuoter….

Venus_ angelic says:


Venus_ angelic says:

Your voice…. Ughhh!!

CORO 55 says:

1 Million Views WTF

Ashima Bahadur says:

I don't see his app in App Store

Purvang Patel says:

r u Indian

Strange boy With no love says:

Hello hello I'm here I have spices

Rajan Singh says:

Are you indian

Samrudh Mandi says:

really helpful

Sandra Watkin says:

Thank you. I'm rubbish at technology, but this enabled me to get my files off my Mac and onto my iPad . I just used Movie player app. Very grateful!


Hmm nice video bro…but u have to work hard if u want subscribers?????…from lightning bolt26⚡️

Diane Porquet says:

Very helpful video – thank you so much!

Janin Vinso says:

pretty good… also, ZillaTube can download videos for watching on iPad. Web search "zillatube"


nice work

madtruckingcdn says:

thanks for the update…. now clicking new link…. thanks for the help

ja vin says:

thank you man ! you helped me a lot !

Monstrez says:

well done kid. helpful and clear..

Felicia Randlesome says:

Ok I put movie onto my iPad using an media player app now how do you delete it?

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