How to move your iTunes Library to an External Hard Drive

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A quick guide from KRCS Apple Doncaster

How to move your iTunes Library to an external hard drive


Johannes Hartmann says:

Because i have the feeling everbody here is showing how to move the music from iTunes to an external hard drive so its ONLY on the hard drive on not on iTunes anymore…

Johannes Hartmann says:

my friend has a mac book and has all his music on itunes..i would like to copy that music and put it on my external hard drive so i have all that music TOO…how can i "transfer" that music, so He still has it?

JS Design Media says:

Great video, thanks so much!

Chase Mackey says:

@KRCSappleDon if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. My 26 day long library is now unplayable. It's only allowing me to manually locate each individual song file before I play it.

Chase Mackey says:

HELP! I just did this and now Itunes says it can't locate any of my song files. If I have my hard drive hooked up it allows me to manually locate them, but I can't do that 7,800 times….

Paul Hamilton says:

I thought I knew how to do this but being able to check via your video was very helpful – thanks! Following you on Twitter now too.

Sean Belohovek says:

hey sunglowsurfer6 did you copy your itunes first & put it on your external hard drive then delete the one on your computer then hold shift on your computer + click on itunes then choose the folder that has your playlist that you coppied on your hard drive & all your music & stuff should be there.

Joe pa says:

hey I have a question
I transferred everything over o my external laCie but when I put itunes in trash and unplugged my external to test it it did not flash any error message do I have to remover from trash?
Im a little afraid I might lose my 15,000+ song..
can you help?
maybe email me?
you can reach me at

scott solock says:

hey i have tried to move my movies and tv shows but it will not let me
what do i need to do

Sean Belohovek says:

guy's the button on windows is shift + click not (alt). i bet if you tried it now it would work.

Sean Belohovek says:

hey what i wanna know if you have it plugged in and you wanna download something to itunes does it automatically transfer to the hard drive?

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