How to Manually Add and Remove Music and Movies from an iPhone or iPad Using the New iTunes

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How to manually add songs and video to your iPhone or iPad without it trying to sync your entire library in the newest version of iTunes (Introduced Apple Music). This is useful if you have a large iTunes library or just want to pick and choose certain media for your iDevice. This video fixes the issues where iTunes only let you manually manage Videos. This solution allows you to manually manage videos AND MUSIC.


ziblot123 says:

II have never had any prob with itues.Since iphone 3 no prob. I have an iphone 7 and I hate it. Did they change something. Couldnt u used to drag from finder directly to iphone or MUSIC/Itunes etc

Syreete White says:

Hey guys I finally figured out the Apple Music so basically after you finish downloading the music on your phone and turn back on Apple Music in the setting you won't lose your music it will just merge with the new music that you download I hope this helps

Melanie Ramirez says:

After watching like 5 videos this is the only thing that worked for me thanks !!!

Nikolaj Ebbesen says:

thanks dude. 😀 :

Eric (Flavius) Ilie says:


M Blair Weng says:

f*ck iTunes…

DiVerse says:

i went to look for the icloud option to turn it off in music settings and it wasnt even there….

Rainbow Bright says:

I can change my music but on my device it won't allow me to change the ticked boxes some songs have a broken circle next to them

Caleb Shakir says:


Jack Sparrow says:

anyone know how to do this for an ipod 6th gen?

Philip Quaglino says:

Ohhh apple, how you want to force people to install iTunes everywhere and sync, sync, sync, sync, sync. Meanwhile in Droid land…..Plug in phone, Go to phone, open DCIM>Music>Drag and drop……done.

Apple? Go on a mysterious quest through iTunes, find where they moved things, click "Manually add music" get warning…"Cautions to manually add music we need to sync your phone first, you will lose all your music…hit next please!" You decide you do not want to lose music, unplug and forget adding new music from a new computer. I blame Jobs who wanted everything closed shut.

GERII BABY22 says:

Thanks a lot you really helped me😍😍

Monsterbaby says:

Itunes….the suckiest software on the planet!

Jeremie Gauthier says:

Extremely useful. than you.

AmazingVideosHD says:

Stupid software making it so hard to hear music on the phone

Szymon Krzeminski says:

Thanks dude !

Danny Sayahane says:

Look, to keep your icloud music AND add music from your computer to your iphone do this:

go into itunes, and go to the song/album you want on your phone and click the cloud on the right of it, it should have an X in it.

right click it, and add to icloud library. Some songs wont go in, but most will. Just give it time to load, but it works for me.

Darren James says:

Thanks for the video, i have never bought apple products. I purchase a nano 6th gen ipod for my wife, signed up to itunes and downloaded music. Cant transfer or sync music to ipod. There is no option to turn on or off the stupid icloud. It looks like it works using your method, but nothing actually goes across. Ready to toss the stupid thing in the bin. Are there any other short cuts to making this work, when you dont have the option to turn icloud on or off on the ipod. Thanks

Taur Fox says:

Awesome! Thanks a bunch; was driving me up a wall trying to figure this out 🙂

Roberto Schroeder says:

how do i delete a movie on my iTunes

Shaban Hoxhaj says:

The best 💘

Russell Kyle says:

Thank you sir. This took me a couple of hours messing about and you explained it well. Apple is a pain in the *ss sometimes.

otis debear says:

I cant find the option for the iCloud thing its not there at all!!Help!!

thc weedhead says:

this help a lot thnks 9star. now i could drag song to my device yay

daniel kim says:

thank u this video helped me alot

Joshua Balgley says:

Is there a way to select and transfer specific albums I have downloaded from cds – without syncing everything from my Macbook Pro to my iPad?

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