How To Manage Storage and Free Up Space On The iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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Some tips on how to manage the storage and free up space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. From time to time you will receive a message that says “Storage Almost Full”. When this happens you will need to free up space and manage your storage or you won’t be able to do much on your iOS device.

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RainBowGamerBoy930 StefiebYes EvilBorisNo Ayson says:

I have 30.586 GB storage so i can record and download games i have 28 games 🙂

Adrian Blacksmith says:

How do you clear cache in iPhone?

nancy stars says:

thankyou i never know that you can do that

Diệu Âm says:

南无阿弥陀佛 感恩分享 , Nam Mô A Mi Đà Phật, Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật, Namo Amitabha Buddha.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB (Bạc) – Hàng Phân Phối Chính Thức 9.900.000 Đ

9.200.000 Đ Tiết kiệm 7%

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Chúc bạn vui vẻ và An Lạc Hạnh Phúc

Xin thường niệm A Mi Đà Phật hoặc (A Di Đà Phật), Amitabha Buddha

"Giữ tâm thanh tịnh thế giới hoà bình".

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Lễ Phật một lễ tội diệt Hà Sa.

pasha w says:

i have 7 apps and i have 0 storage what the fuck

SerialQuilter1 says:

I cannot get rid of emails. I have deleted all the emails but it still says I have 968 MB used, I have very few apps on my phone and my icloud storage says I have over 4 GB available, why am I having this problem????

Shorttrack99 says:

Bunch of fucking assholes on this page geez the guy was just trying to help

Phoenix says:

I didn't even realize there was a "Recently Deleted" album, so this was definitely helpful

Ceveagh Chan says:

This is a bit simplistic to be honest. I think we realise how to delete things…. the question is do you have any tricks e.g. deleting histories and other unnecessary information…?

MasterAustin50 YT says:

Rip for my iPad I am never going to get storage…

Will Harper says:

You deserve 2k dislikes not 2k likes

Malik Davis says:

When u don't have a lot of space ur iPhone tend to delete ur messages 😐

Pixels Fri says:

How to get free money, Rob it.

Pixels Fri says:

How to get free money, Rob it.

Mutant Ninja says:

Well I download a app and it's only saying waiting

Rico's DogHouse says:

I only have two apps, and I have full storage. Smh

ds gf says:

It's lightweight and easy to use for a good cleanup application.I really recommend that you use Dr .cleaner it's just waiting for you in the App Store

Animal Spirit194 says:

Thank you… it is nice to learn how to fix. It helps me save more videos to post on YouTube.

Sub Samwitch says:


Ella H says:

Another tip if you use movie makers (like iMovie or triller) they can take up a lot of space even if the videos in the movies are deleted so deleting the movies freed up 3 GB for me!! Also delete mail you don't need

Awesome Gaming says:

Thx your amazing

gymnast_ kynzek says:

thank you so much

Sadham Hussain says:

I had the same problem and I updated my phone to latest IOS. Now I have 6GB free space. It worked for me.

MigsDescalzo says:

What is Delete bruh don't fuck with me don't fuck with me no more….


Thank you for showing me how to update my phone

Mauri Aguilar says:

You just told me what I already know. Trash video. Disliked

Lorraine Newell says:

Thank you so much! I had 773 photos in recently deleted and that "storage almost full" message was driving me crazy!

Trenton Ruggiero says:

I have 6 viruses tho my mom told me just to turn off and turn back on my iPhone 5s

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