How to make songs as your ringtone on iPhone

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abdo amri says:

dudr ur awessssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

Sosa Parks says:

+Radoław Dąbrowski The version I used was by Bagginz out of preference, but the section used in my intro has no difference.

Mlg Swine says:

For Everyone that wants to know the intro song it is Popular by Sinatti Pop


i did that but my tone in the desktop doesnt go in to tje itunes what do i do

Nathan Nguyen says:

still see ur phone number bro


Thanks for the help  🙂

Patrick Spratling says:

not what I was asking for

Blessing Osiaku says:

after all i struggle u help me alot thank u so much love u muaahhhhh keep ur good work

Jake Dylan says:

Still saw your phone number, and all info…cover up better next time…

Maryam Esmaeil says:

Where is the link

Sosa Parks says:

Thanks for watching! Im glad to have been able to help you out.

Guldvingar says:

You're so awesome! You've helped me more than any other explanations!! Thanx a lot!!! 😀

Raleigh Stern says:

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CahangirTahirov says:


Sosa Parks says:

She said, "Smart white people are great!"

VideoGameExpert says:

what did he say?

Vasile Antoni says:

go to library, and then set TONES but not MUSIC, thats there, then press iphone, go to tones and sync that, its easy

TheYamenator says:

are you saying that you need the "rmaker" app to use this technique?

Sosa Parks says:

Zooming is stupid, and if you're annoyed, skip through the video.

Mohamed Makhmadiev says:

toking to much,,,, and u should do zoom

Sosa Parks says:

What did I do to you?

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