How to make FREE Apple iD or iTunes Account

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This video is on how to make a FREE Apple ID / iTunes Account using iTunes on your computer for all your i-Devices. All you need to have an email address. And thats all. Download iTunes officially from or

HINT: Please make sure to select a FREE app as shown in the video. Only by choosing a free app will give you ‘None’ option, where you don’t need to enter any of your Credit Card info.

Good Luck.

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kate lee says:

but i want to not hv a credit card in my apple id account

iRonikz Gaming says:

Fuck me it says I can't do it Can u plz get back to me asap coz it says I need assistance 

ogochalo andriod says:

cared crad must be

Lovely Complex says:

thank you so much :)

Levi Elder says:

how to log back in if you log out ?

chanaka silva says:

Thanks der

jamal henderson says:

Could i have this,account

Md. Tanvir Ahmed says:

It works………You are the boss…….Thanks dude…..

truth seeker says:

thanks for sharing this video,now I have apple id :))))))

Lisa Manola says:

Please help..
They show me error code:1009 when I try to get an application from iTunes store please help

Don Segura says:

no complete



Yaseen Newaz says:

thank you so much

Aye Sandar says:

so so thanks

Christian Joseph Gonzales says:

Where can I verify my Apple ID ? I tried opening it in gmail but it says wrong password or email address

mewded gamer boy says:

your the best 

Hari Nirmal says:

it does not say none 

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