How to log out sign in different apple id app store iPhone iPad iPod

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how to log out log in app store in iPhone iPad iPod
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iOS 7 iOS 6 iOS 8


xHolidy Glasses x says:

I'm in Android phone

Reptile King says:

So i have an appleid that the the password is lost for me, and so is the email. I created a new appleid and i can't switch it from the old one in the app store (The new layout, where the account is at the top) and i have set the account for the new one but it STILL asks for the old one's password. Help!??!?

Tftw says:

This isn’t iOS 6

Karl Jah says:

what is your birthday date?
and year?

Marcus Groth-Andersen says:

It still asks for the old id, help :,(

Aili Ortega says:

I am having a trouble regarding my new apple id that i have signed up from the website, i tried to sign in that apple id on my itunes on pc but it kept flashing some "review" option. I dont know if the new apple id is real or not. And then I tried to sign in that id on my mom's ipad at the app store like what u did here. but it just says "cannot connect to itunes store". I want to sign my apple id right at the "heart" of the ipad but it has my father's acc and i think if signing it out will led to data loss or something. Help me.

Savanah Taru says:

This helped me a lot thank you 😊

Aryan96 says:

I created apple id using,and I am sign out my existing apple id and Sign in using this new apple id but they asking something review option . What to do plz help

Keyvan Gamer says:

help full 🙂

Tamara Diaz says:


TRAPGOD Nah says:

nope credit card section popped up

xXsNoWyAlPhAXx says:

This is a really helpful video

Manjari Murthy says:

i got iPhone 3gs model. i deleted old owner id. created new one and signed in. its shows my id in app store too but when i try to update an app its shows old owners id and asks for password. what should i do?

edited: i updated my software from 5 to 6.0.1 version. is there ios 7 for iPhone 3gs?

Kenneth kharl Loqueno says:

Ur musics if u sign out ur apple id is it deleted???

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