How To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6 Untethered iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 4G Redsn0w & P0sixsPWN

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How To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.6, 6.1.3, 6.1.5 Untethered iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 4G Redsn0w & P0sixsPWN

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Redstone machines and ideas says:

i had tried everything but this is what help me do it, thanks so much like an dsub

Alma Carillo Morden says:

Just Download IPSW of iOS 6.0

supernes-1 says:

had no problem following your instructions.

iPhoneAndTechReviews says:

Failed exploit.

River Bell says:

Opening redsnow shows an error saying
Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled
due to incomplete iTunes libraries. Please be sure
the latest iTunes is installed

William Mock says:

I just have one question, what does this allow me to do with the Iphone? Currently the Iphone 3gs seems rather useless with todays assortment of app's available. e.g Pokemon Go. Heck even dropbox needs the IOS to be at 9 or higher.

Tomarang says:

Do you lose all your data?

Charlie Allen says:

it keeps going back into recovery mode so i have to keep redoing it :/

Bryan Hesler says:

ty bro i stayed up 4 24 hrs trying jailbreak and its the only one that worked

abc abc says:

You fucking piece of fucking nigger fucking shit fucking cum fucking shit dick ass fuck. this video is not fucking supportive at all and you should fucking kill yourself you fucking cock sucking mother fucker!!!! This shit isn't untethered becasue theres a fucking pc monitor in the fucking back you fucking whore!!!!! This fucking shit isn't fukcing untethered. Fucking drink some bleach and fucking shove a dildo up your ass and fucking eat cyanide.

482858281 says:

It's a iPod touch dum ass

TechVidz says:

your the best thank you

constiff3251 says:

lol I remember doing this back in August 2015 on my iPod 4 😀 old times.

Sruli Stock says:

will i now be able to download all the apps i want from the apps store?

ICG says:

Thankss. its work perfectly

Ahzai Rishon says:

keeps saying exploit failed. using mac

Walders1 says:

my ipod doesnt reboot it just says waiting then failed

Dimitris K says:

After a reboot stuck in apple logo please help me!

Raiant Garcia says:

failed exploit i dont know how repair this fail helpme please

exiledmantis Gaming says:

need help jailbreaking?

_-Octanium-_ says:

My Second iPod finally jail broken. Thanks! 🙂

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