How to install older/newer iOS firmware in iTunes

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This video shown how to install older or newer versions of the iOS operating system on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You must be a developer to access newer versions of the firmware which are not publicly released yet, but you can download older IPSW’s here:


Danisa Mishima says:

how do u remove them?

World “Seventh-Day Adventist” Entertainment says:

hahahahha speak clearly please hahahhaha killing my

Ryan Luck says:

Nup…….. Apples bullshit restrictions don't allow you to install older versions of iOS on to a phone. Lechku got Error 3194, this error means that the requested build of iOS can not be installed on the particular phone. I know this is bullshit because its happened to me. i have tried multiple ipsws with no result. Just used up space on my iphone. Its a 5 to. So thanks to apple being assholes. my  father has lost $200 because apples crappy and error filled software didn't work on his phone. Thanks Apple. Sincerely, Lick My Ass. 

Zakaria Nighteen says:

you'r agenieus motherfuckering voice you got :D

Daniel Satari says:

Thanks guy. Awesome!

Lechku says:

hmmm… didn't work "An unknown error occurred (3194)"

Ethan - (xFluffyMods) says:


Scandinavian Explorer says:


E30love says:

the host file doesnt exist

Platyduck says:

wow error thanks now i have to restore 

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