How To Improve iOS 9 Battery Life – iPhone, iPad & iPod Tips

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Substantially Improve Battery Life on iOS 9. For iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad & iPod Touch. Every Single Battery Saving Tip Out There!


BluekingGamer says:

At 1:12 it shows u used 99% on home and lock screen why would u spend so much time in home/lock screen?

Depressed Peter says:

How will I notice if my iPad mini 2 is drain?Because my friends told me,Apple drain so fast,also if you turn the brightness into full.That's why,I'm confused?

Zephyr the Lugia says:

iphone 5s is a great phone tho

Beefy Legs says:

Thank you so much, this helped me a ton on my IPod touch 6 ?❤️

john mana says:

Do iphone 4 in 2017

Amirbossboy987 says:

It helps a lot when u charge your device and face it down to charge faster

Quiliken says:

Yo! Thanks a lot man! This helped sooo much! I liked and subscribed!

Hama Bawanury says:

That's very good thanks

Salvador Prado says:

Why even buy an iPhone if you have to do all this shit for battery life. People, save up money for a battery case. Get with the times you cheap skates.

Deborah Merritt says:

thx I really needed it

Minecraft tnt Boy says:

Can you show me how to do it on the iPod touch you show how to get to it show how to do it the iPod touch because I went to battery I didn't see it when I looked

Let'z Clash Wid Shrey says:

Who else is watching at 2%?

Mythinic says:

I came because of Pixel Gun 😛

jfranz OMG says:

im watching all your vidoes

jfranz OMG says:

amzing than you very much

Clash With Tyler says:

iPad mini2 doesn't have low power mode apparently at iOS 10 and over ???

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