How To Import Books and PDF’s to iBooks on iPad

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In this video I show you how to move Books and PDF’s into iBooks on the iPad. I show you how to do this by using just the iPad and by using iTunes to do this as well. I also show you how to move documents from the iPad to your computer.

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Khawa Jong says:

thank you very much for clear and easy to understand.

Scott Seager says:

Thank you Aaron as always your videos are interesting and informative. I recently switched over to iOS devices and if there's anything I'm not sure about I always go to Zollotech first. Cheers!

chinkmel says:

thanx, so glad i found this vid

dimensionless99 says:

This is fucking retarted. I can do it in 5 seconds on any Android device. Why is this so convoluted? I want to put my own pdf onto my own fucking device. Shouldn't be so hard

【Razzy】The Musical ♪ Lyricist says:

How come my ibooks layout doesnt look like a bookshelf like yours?

Sugerandspice66 Sugerandspice66 says:

Brilliantly helpful! thank you. Love your voice too!

BrideOfRocK nRoLL says:

Thank you. This was a great help to me.

Diane Kilshaw says:

It says my computer isn't authorized. No options to do anything about it. That's it… not authorized.. so won't transfer anything. Any  idea how to authorize it? ITunes is not helping!!!!!!  I so hate this iTunes software!

Sengthong KARAOKE says:

how to save file word,Excel,PowerPoint to Ipad 4?

isabel trivino says:

Hi, i have two problems, i tried to sync my book through iTunes they appear in my iPad and then they disapear, dont know why.
The second problem is that i am emailing my books, i have To do it one by one (i have a thousand!)

Turath Al-Kindi says:

Hey …many thanx for the informative video, though I have those iBooks large files and i want to explore them in Acrobat reader but i just can't…can you please guide me through?

Carolina Maldonado says:

Hi, I have a question. I have an iBook I did myself on ibooks author, but I do not want to publish it onto the ibook store. However, I do wish to have it on my ipad. I have an ipad mini, but do not own a mac computer (I worked on someone else's computer until I finished the book). How can I get to open up the ibook file in my ipad?? Thx

skyraining lord says:

It's jammed in my iPad - Roulette Prediction (Paul) says:

I wish I had your ability, to make very understanding vido

I have just a website that I can use to sell my ebooks on that allow for secure payment and instant download, and its fantastic. Sadly I am not very good at making videos like you are doing 🙂


Ghh Jkkk says:

Thank you zollotech

Rishav Roy says:

can i download pdf files with the help of safari in my ipad and then try to read it in ibooks….can i do it…is it do it…just to download with the help of safari and then want to see the pdf in ibboks??….i m new to ios… asking…just brought an ipad air

Sajid Khan says:

i have a pdf file in my laptop and i need it to transfer it in my ipad (ibooks) using itunes.Can you help me?????

Brendan Russert says:

OK OK OK DUDES! sooooo for the newer itunes what you need to do is actually go through the iBooks APP in your computer. SO,
1. open the iBooks App on your computer
2. import the PDF document to the iBook App (still on your computer)
3. connect your iPad, iPod, iPhone, iWhatever
4. open iTunes
5. in the settings tab of your iDevice choose books and Sync

thank you… thank you, one and a half hours trying to figure this shit OUT!!!!! im so happy…. :)

Brendan Russert says:

so stressfull!!! I have the newest version of itunies. I download the damn app and no books menu tab appears. They should make these things a little more user friendly. They are so good with some things and so crappy with others. A little help anyone? a 1 2 3 step process?

Aaron Tracy says:

I have an ipad 1. I have to tell you all, I hate Apple. It is impossible to transfer without itunes. For crying out loud how do you people live? This should be direct USB transfer. Into the target box for when I go to the firing range with my gun. What a piece of crap apple made. Burn in hell steve jobs.

Zoe Buchanan says:

yay!! thank you !

manish uprety says:


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